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Introduction of Coconut Fruit

Updated on March 23, 2013

Coconut Species

MATAG Coconut Species
MATAG Coconut Species | Source

Coconut Fruit and Application

There are several species of coconuts found in Malaysia. I myself wasn’t much familiar with the species until I got the opportunity to visit the coconut research centre in United Plantation (UP). If you want to know more about my experience just read on.

UP is one of the listed and reputable companies in Malaysia and its main focus is on agriculture plantation. In fact they have carried out many researches on coconut, oil, banana & palm. The biggest plantation of UP is situated the Lower Perak District.

Coconut is basically a species of palm that is generally found in regions with tropical climate. The coconut species have a wide range of application right from domestic use to industrial & commercial application. We will tell you more about it in the subsequent part of this article.

Coconut Introduction - Species of Coconut

MATAG & MAWA are two of the most popular species of coconuts in Malaysia. The MATAG species is fleshy and is thicker in comparison to the MAWA species. The fleshy white colored flesh of coconut is also known by the name of copra. These two varieties of coconut species come from coconut trees that belong to the draft variety. Moreover, there are some other species of coconut like the West Africa Tall, Malayan Tall & Malayan Red Draft.

Coconut Introduction – The Appearance of Coconut Tree

Coconut trees can be either draft or tall variety which depends upon the species. The taller species can grow about 30m high and has a life span of 70 to 100 years. It’s quite favorable for a coconut to be planted on a sandy soil. Sandy soil lacks essential nutrients for the growth of plant, therefore the yield of coconut tree on natural conditions is less than average. So in order to increase the yield one needs to implement proper use of fertilizer along with soil conditioning fertilizer. Organic compost with soil conditioner compost should be one of the best choices of fertilizer.

A typical coconut fruit weights around 1.3 kg -1.5 kg. The coconut fresh or copra makes 10% of the weight of coconut. The other constituents of coconut are coconut shell, coconut water and coconut fiber or coir.

Coconut Introduction – The Uses of Coconut

Coconut Drink. The majority of us are familiar with the coconut water or coconut juice as a refreshing drink in hot climate. Moreover, once we drink the coconut water, we scrape the thin white colored flesh with the help of spoon which is quite delicious.

Coconut Fiber. It is also known by the name of coir. It is basically the fiber that surrounds the coconut. This fiber is used as a raw material for making fiber mattresses. Moreover the coconut fiber is of better quality than the oil palm fiber.

Coconut flesh. The milk that is extracted from the white colored flesh of coconut is known as “Santan”. This milk is used as a vital ingredient in preparation of food beverage. It is also extensively used as one of the ingredients in curry.

Coconut Shell. The coconut shell is also very useful. It is used for coconut charcoal & activated carbon. You can get more information regarding coconut shell here.

Coconut Introduction – Countries Planting Coconut

Philippines, India, Malaysia, & Indonesia are some of the fewer countries that have conditions ideal for coconut plantation. Though in Malaysia most of the coconut estates have been changed into oil palm estates, but still there are a good number of coconut trees for people in Malaysia.

So maybe next time when you are having a tasty curry, or drinking coconut drink, don’t forget to think about the coconut fruit.

Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell
Coconut Shell | Source


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      Tuba Fan 

      18 months ago

      "Draft" should be "dwarf."


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