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Introduction: Talented Perhaps?

Updated on January 19, 2011

Hmm Lets see.  Hello, my name is Johnathan and I'm a student at a California State University. I am a man with many talents, as some say, but the biggest of them is my music and my writting. But like I said, I am a man of many talents and I haven't really focused on any of them so I'm hoping hubpages will give me the incentive to work on my writing skills so bear with me.

  Truth is though, having a lot of talents isn't always a good thing, or at least in my case.  Yeah, it gives you a variety of choices concerning things that you want to do.  But on the other hand, that also means if ya don't focus on one or two of them, then you'll just get frustrated or no where at all.  Just because you're talented doesn't mean you're perfect. No matter how talented you are, everybody has room for improvement.  That should go without saying!  But if you don't focus on bettering just one or two (maybe more) talents at a time, then you'll be no better than someone without talent at all.  A preacher put it this way: Imagine that each talent is its own flame burning by itself.  Now, everyone knows that if you leave a flame by itself, without anything for it to consume, then eventually it will go out.  I'm not saying that there is a 100% chance that you could lose a talent by not ever using but it could definitely weaken over time.  So naturally, if you want to improve your skills in the areas that you are talented, then you're going to have to feed the flame. You're going to have to fan the flame to keep it burning.  But you can't possible fine tune every single talent in your arsenal at the same time.  Some may go hand in hand but not all of them can coexist.  I mean you can practice golf all you want but that is not going to directly translate into making you a better swimmer. And I don't suggest trying to both golf, and swim at the exact same time either. Trust me, It wont work. Not unless there's some sort of technology that allows that now.  Anyways, you can only feed the flame so much before you start to notice the other flames beginning to die out.  You can focus on a few talents at the same time but either the rest of your talents are going no where, or they are getting worse.  Its that simple.  That's The way I see it at least.  But I guess it also depends on your perspective of things too. Whether you're optimistic or pessimistic or anything else of that sort could easily change how you would even view your own talents and/or skills....  Anyways I could probably go on for days about talents, work effort, skills and anything else related to the subject, but this was seriously just supposed to be the Bio for my profile but it started getting way too long so i turned it into my first hub. The Introductory Hub you could say:  Talented Perhaps? We'll See...

Anyways, I'm really busy with school so I don't know when I'll start making hubs regularly but things will definitely start to pick up next week.  If you wanna see some poetry and some input on relationships then I suggest you stay tune till then... Also, if you want me to address anything I said in this hub or even if you want me to continue then feel free to just ask.


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