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Introduction to Contemporary World Problems Worksheets For Classroom Teachers

Updated on February 10, 2013

Make Them Think, Discuss, and Write!

It is a challenge to be asked to teach something for which you and the school have no curriculum readily at hand. Its not as if we teachers have a ton of time to spend creating it either.

I searched high and low for ready made worksheets to use in my Contemporary World Problems class - I found very few.

I decided it was about high time that I made my own.

In my state, Human Rights and what exactly constitutes a "world problem" are the first topics that students are supposed to confront.

The following pages are what I created and used as an introduction to the "what" of world problems in my class earlier this year.

These contemporary world problem worksheets work well for whole class instruction with break out individual work or for small student groups.

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Free for Personal or Educational Use:

You may use these as is or download the editable document and tweak for your own uses.

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