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Invasive Species-Mile a Minute Vine

Updated on June 15, 2013

An invasive plant species in West Virginia is persicaria perfoliata, also known as mile a minute vine. It is a vine that first came to this country in the 1890’s, but was not really established until a bunch of holly seeds from Japan were planted and the vine took off in 1930. Mile a minute vine grows fast and climbs 10-20 feet up trees where it eventually slows down photosynthesis process and kills native trees. It also grows so fast that the sheer weight of the vine can deform and kill trees. This type of vine is especially harmful to Christmas tree farms and has been known to wipe out a whole farm. A variety of control measures are used to eradicate this weed including cultural methods, chemical herbicides, weed whacking or hand pulling. There is a large cost associated with managing this type of invasive plant and it is almost impossible to kill permanently because effort must continue for several years to exhaust any remaining seed banks.


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