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Inventions - 10 of the most Bizarre Invented

Updated on May 11, 2011

The 'Invention'

So here it is, another one of Richie's quirky hubs which you are probably used to by now, I seem to be accumulating them quite rapidly in amongst my various poem, dating and music hubs...maybe it is my specialty? I'll let you decide. Anyhow this week I have decided to merge that humorous side with another passion of mine from school which was science, I mean you may say a lot of these are technological but Inventing has always had a Physics background and I suppose that was at least one aspect I appreciated in my workshop class. I believe I remember another huber 'Prettydarkhorse' has also done a 'Inventions' hub but I did not yield massive amounts of search results when I looked for this subject on the 'search site' option in the Hubpages toolbar.

I think it can't hurt to have at least one other '10 inventions' style hub because each is different and most people will put more than 10 and just include a gallery rather than talking through each one, so here's my list of favorites and I hope it gives you something to remember.

Photo courtesy of melita666

Invention Ideas

Here we have the Giant Elephant Transporter, better known as 'The Sultan of India' which is part of the 'Les Machines de l'lle Nantes' designed by Francois Delaroziere and Pierre Orefice. The Elephant is 11 meter's high, Weighs 40 tonnes, can spray water from its trunk and accommodates up to 30 passengers. Its moving parts are mechanical and the creator's also hosted a theatrical show in London called 'The Sultan's Elephant' which then traveled across the UK.

Photo courtesy of stox


Here is a slightly silly invention, 'The Flying Hat' by Victor Zobulovich, however, I was unable to find the exact story behind this photo so I am uncertain whether it might be another inventor called Albert Ploof. Ploof was a pioneer in the field of aeronautics and was requested to by the Belgian King Leopold II to find a method for man's flight using only scientific means, it goes without saying the hat story ended badly with Ploof breaking both legs after jumping 6 meters.

Photo courtesy of yveslecoq

Invention of 1st Mercedes

Here we have what is regarded by many as the first ever automobile and was built in 1885 and patented in 1886 by Karl Benz founder of Mercedes-Benz. The Benz Patent Motorwagen had a rear mounted engine and traveled by means of three wheels due to the fact Benz was unhappy with the current mechanisms for steering on four wheels at that time. He applied his previous 2-stroke gasoline powered engine designed in 1873 to the Motorwagen and his wife Bertha Benz secretly drove it from Mannheim through to Pforzheim without telling her husband, but this later revealed that the vehicle was capable of long distance journeys.

Photo courtesy of rbpdesigner

A new Invention

Here we have an interesting view of mausoleums in greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. As you may know Greenwood is more than just a cemetery, it also includes many sculptures, carriage rides, landscaped parkland, glacial ponds and chapels.  It is renowned for its unconventional 'above ground burials'  but these mausoleums built into the hillside are reminiscent of somewhere a Tolkien character may live!

Photo courtesy of hbomb

Invention Timeline

Here we have a photograph of one of the earliest monocycles or sometimes known as the motorized unicycle, although the rider would not sit on top of the wheel but rather inside. The first monocycles where designed using pedals to provide movement in the 19th century but later on developed to be motorized towards the 1930's. At first they were considered respectable inventions for serious transportation but nowadays are looked upon to be more for fun or carnival acts.

Photo courtesy of nationaalarchief

Invention Design

In this photograph I was unable to find a lot about the other but chose to include it because I think it is a marvel of the technological mind. I don't know exactly how it works but I assume the extensions on either end are extracted along some sort of sliders and now you no longer need to dread the summer's traditional camping trip because you have plenty of space to avoid the rest of the family's noise. I do know that it was invented by a French Engineer 1934, the stupidest question about it that I saw on another forum thread was 'How does it turn around corner's?'

Photo courtesy of nationaalarchief

Invention Convention

I also don't know a lot about this device except that the 'Radio Hat' was made by an American Inventor in 1931 and others have labeled it the next 'iHat' from Apple on forum posts, although I personally don't think it is near enough as compact as the iPod Nano. Surely it is uncomfortable to wear and is a weight on the users head..this man appears to be smoking something funny anyway so maybe that's why he thinks it looks 'cool'.

Photo courtesy of nationaalarchief

My Favorite Inventor

This is an of my top 3 favorite invention's along with the caravan & the sultan of India, the all terrain car was designed in 1936 and can descend plains of up to 65 degrees! It reminds me of a caterpillar type motion and I imagine it isn't the fastest of vehicles either, although it looks great fun to drive being a bumpy ride!

Photo courtesy of nationaalarchief

Who knows what Invention this is?

Here is an invention from Montreal in Canada which at first appeared to me as though we had been invaded by the 'bird people' and bared resemblances to the ghost from Beetlejuice with the pulled out faces! Apparently it was designed to protect people from snow storms but to me it looks uncomfortable and difficult to breath in! It was released to the public in 1939 and I decided to end the hub on this one in particular because what better way to leave you but with the most peculiar looking design invention!

Photo courtesy of nationaalarchief


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