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Is College Worth it?

Updated on May 1, 2012

You just graduated high school, it's time to move on to bigger and better things; college. College used to be considered "higher education" and it may still be considered that. But is it really? Sure you're probably making more than your simple high school graduate counterparts but is it really making a big difference? College use to be what separated the smart from the not, and now its just another institution. Besides the fact that a bachelors nowadays its practically useless kids aren't even going to college to further their life. Kids go to college to get drunk, meet people (generally speaking, im sure there are some kids going to school for the right reasons) but most aren't. As a current college student, I feel as if I have the right to speak for the public. I go to my classes, with my terrible teachers who all are extremely smart people who have no ability to teach. Not only does this just waste my time and frustrate me; I GET NO RESULTS. You're not gonna learn jack if your teacher couldn't tell you how to spell his/her own name. Besides the general lacking ability of professors (in most cases, there are some good ones out there) it costs WAY TOO MUCH. A bachelors doesn't even do anything, unless you go get your masters or PhD your basically just paying for 30,000$+ high school. In other words a big fat waste of time and money just so you can get out of school in debt up to your eyeballs to find a shitty job that if you just woulda started working somewhere right out of high school and worked your way up, you'd be making the same pay...and that my friends is just the actual school related problems of college.

Don't get me wrong, I love to indulge in my beers and drinking, and I love partying. But honestly, half the people in school are more worried about going out and getting laid than getting the shit done that their actually there to do. (Guilty freshmen year, I got my head on more straight nowadays) It's annoying. Especially since I can't even afford to live on campus anymore, it really pisses me off to see kids wasting their parents money on these joke majors just so they can fail gen ed classes because they're too busy shooting up H in the parking lot. I'd kill to have more family funds to make my college experience more enjoyable than spending every dime of my paycheck on goddamn gas to drive to class with professors who can't speak a coherent sentence. Lets get started on the greek life. If you are in greek life, leave this page now, because I am going to offend you. There is no thing more stupid than greek life. I can't stand to hear these boys and girls complain about all the stuff they have to do, well SORRY maybe if you didn't spend 400$ on your friends per semester you wouldn't be bogged down with all these ridiculous tasks and you could actually focus on school and having a normal life. "Oh there's a lot of really successful people who were in greek life." Guess what?! I don't care, there's a lot of people that are child molesters or people who had slaves back in the day who led very successful doesn't mean anything. It's all stupid and I don't care how much you like your big. "You make really good friends in it." COOL! I made really good friends at college too! And guess what!!? I chose them on my own, I didn't pay for them, and I didn't have to join a society that thinks they're better than the rest of the school. Anyway, I could go on forever about greeks, but I won't. because that's not the issue at hand...

The issue we're dealing with is people are going to school for all the wrong reasons, and even the people that aren't going there for the wrong reasons are going to get shafted once they finish their schooling. Unfortunately, colleges are just big businesses taking a lot more money than the money that their students are going to be earning.

I'm not telling you to drop out, I'm not telling you that you suck at life and you're going to amount to nothing, I'mt telling you that unless you're coming from money or so smart that you earn a full scholarship, you're going to be in so much debt out your asshole from school that you'll be working a million times harder than you ever will in your life to get so much less than what you put in. You may think I am bitter towards school or have had a bad experience but no I have not. I do pretty good in school, and yes its difficult, and yes I still have fun, I'm taking this from my personal experiences and the words of students and friends around me. College isn't what it used to be and hopefully there is something that will happen to change that.

(This is not in anyway meant to bash college, but simply to say that it isn't all that its crocked up to be.)


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