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What's Wrong With Indian Education System?

Updated on July 12, 2015
Simarpreet Singh profile image

Simarpreet is a tech and sports enthusiast. He is pursuing his bachelor degree in Computer Science from an Indian Technical University.

The pillar of Indian Education
The pillar of Indian Education | Source

Topics to be discussed:

1. Ancient Education System in India.

2. Current Education System in India.

- issues in education system

- pride or sucide!

Ancient gurukul system
Ancient gurukul system | Source

1. Ancient Education System in India.

Contrast to the situation discussed in the TITLE, India has been the ancient education hub of the world. India , formly known as BHARATVARSH , gave the knowledge of archery to the entire world.The MAHABARAT depicts the characters Arjuna and Eklavya who were so profient in archery that the Arjuna hit the eye of a fish sticked at the top, merely by seeing its image in a pond near him.
This was the case of medieval period. Moving forward, comes the name of ARYABHATTA in the mind. Who doesn't know him. He was the man who gave '0' (zero) to the world.
India is respectfully known for its contribution to education society in the world. But there needs to be some change according to the change...

The ancient education system in India was known as VEDIC SYSTEM. The Vedic system of education comes under Rigvedic period, the Brahamna period, the period of the Upanishads, the Sutra period and the Smriti period.


2. Current Education System in India.

I think after examining the picture, shown below, one can easily depicts what is going on in Indian Institutions!

The photo clearly depicts thecurrent scenario of Indian Education System.
The photo clearly depicts thecurrent scenario of Indian Education System. | Source

In India, more stress is laid on mugging up the subjects than to understand them. This imposes a hell of pressure on students. They are forced to score high marks by crook or hook. Getting high marks is considered as the symbol of brilliance in Indian society.

Some of the typical issues in Indian Educaton are:

  1. Mugging is preffered over understanding of a difficult subject.
  2. Practical is on the verge of extinction in India. Theory is worshipped in every schools and colleges like a natural phenomenon.
  3. No focus on personality development. Students know what is Relativity and they can write 3 pages on it ( mugging power of India), but they don't know to explain it to some other person! Why????, because they've mugged the topoic!
  4. Clapping cannot be done single handed. Both hands need to be collided! One of the hand are students, and the second one, are our respected teachers. If a teacher don't know a particular topic, being asked by a student, then a simple reply from him will be like" I will tell you tommorrow ". And that tommorrow is still comng from past 5 months! But yes, a honest teacher will help with a reply " Beta (dear) mug it like a hell, there is nothing to understand in it ".

A student in India goes through a hell of pressure!
A student in India goes through a hell of pressure! | Source

5. How I forgot the parents?? Parents too play a vital role a vital in enhancing the pre-enhanced pressure on the students. In India, Science students are considered as High Society People! and Commerce or Arts students as Backward classes of India. So a parent would definitely like to have his or her student a science major despite of the fact that what the student is passionate about. This is the biggest issue our society needs to tackle.

6. Now the comes the Competetive Exams. In India, IIT's are the premium institutes for quality education. If a student desires to become a computer programmer from an IIT, then he has to give two toughest entrance exam known as JEE MAINS AND ADVANCE. These papers consists of physics, chemistry and maths! If a student wants to do ceremic engineering from IIT then he also hs to give same exam which consists of vintage physics, chemistry and maths! What the hell is this!

Education should not be a factory of creating human machines! rather it should be a way to explain the truths of life!
Education should not be a factory of creating human machines! rather it should be a way to explain the truths of life! | Source

A Pride Or Sucide!

" What are you doing Manoj? Stop writing those foolish poems and concentrate on your studies. These useless poems are not going to place you anywhere. You are going to cut my nose infront of entire society. I want good marks because it's a matter of my mustache pride! ". These are the words usually told by the parents to their child. But putting excessive pressure on students are not going to bring any pride but will result in bringing a sucide! at home.

We say that today's corporate world is putting pressure on employees to increase productivity. But I can bet you the pressure being torchered by a student who took Arts against his parents' will much - much higher that this tiny one!

So stop this... I'm not writing this article to tell how to get placed in MNC's but I'm telling how to save your life so that you can be in MNC in future!

Pressure of scoring low marks forced a student at IIt to commit sucide!
Pressure of scoring low marks forced a student at IIt to commit sucide! | Source

The Big Debate: Do Indian schools do enough to encourage creativity in children?

Urgent Changes Required in the Education System.

It is never late to catch the growing rythm, but we need to formulate the changes in the system before it's too late!

Here are 4 changes that need to be implemented:

  1. Rote (mugging) education should be removed.
  2. Student should not be judged merely on the basis of his marks. Practical knowledge should be given more importance.
  3. Every stream should be seen with equal respect. If a student is doing hotel management then there is nothing wrong in it. A software engineer can't necessary be a good cook!
  4. The coaching system should be completely banned in the country. More than providing quality education it has become a professional buissness nowadays!


Your Opinion:

Do you think removing exams from education system will result in reduced sucide rate?

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© 2015 Simarpreet Singh


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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      3 years ago from New Zealand

      This is a very interesting article and I learnt a lot from it.

      Until you read about other countries and there schooling you have no idea at all.

      Thanks for sharing.


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