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Is My Rh-Negative Blood Type Linking Me to a Primordial Un-Earthly Origin?

Updated on April 21, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

There Is a Source of Light in Each One of Us. Let's Not Close Our Eyes to It
There Is a Source of Light in Each One of Us. Let's Not Close Our Eyes to It

Cosmic Signature Left in Blood

Unlike those many folks who are taking quite seriously their horoscope signs, palmistry, or tarot readings---despite my pretty strong taste for everything outside of the limiting scrutiny of science---I always took that for a pure entertainment.

Thus, when it comes to my personality traits, my being a Capricorn doesn't tell me anything false about me that a good book on developmental psychology couldn't also be wrong about.

In my mind the human nature is such an incredible enigma that we are not even wired in our brain to fully fathom all the marvels of it, for which we neither have a right vocabulary nor a range of conceptualizing to grasp it.

But getting familiar with different fragments of our truth is still better than not try at all. Which brings us to this, although strange, but possibly correct approach to at least one interesting aspect of us.

This article is about my intellectual temptation to allow certain credibility to a theme that I came across on internet only the other day---and which to many a reader might as well be likened to horoscope interpretation of someone's personality makeup.

In my defense, I will always readily stand behind my open mind, which is perfectly willing to be proven wrong---just for sake of a record which has proven me so many times sweetly correct, while all "hard nosed realists" fell on their faces.

Like the title is announcing, I am going to talk about the negative "Rh-factor", a mind boggling phenomenon in the blood of some 15% of the world's population, also just called "negative blood". If it tickles your curiosity, you can find a lot of online information about it, while I am merely going to outline some points which may relate to me.

But not without at least mentioning the basic tenets of that theory which has been a subject in hands of serious geneticists, and "not so serious" archaeologists in the eyes of religionists, evolutionists, and notorious skeptics--- while both are casting some new light on a proposed alternative human origin.

Long ago I was already completely bought on the idea of humans being genetically engineered species by some space visitors in a distant past. And now, this fresh story about a possible genetic link between that 15% of people with negative blood and those alleged space visitors, gives the matter a new credibility---especially inasmuch as their personality traits describe me in many details with such an incredible accuracy.

 Being a King---but Still Only an Animal
Being a King---but Still Only an Animal

Guided from Within by No Animalistic Tendencies

In short, the story says how the great majority of humans share this positive "Rh" blood factor, a particular protein in their DNA which is agreed upon to be very much species-specific for all humans regardless of race, while also shared by all higher primates.

That "Rh" stands for the humans' genetic link to a so-named "rhesus monkey". Hey, that monkey-part at least partially explains the mentality of the world's politicians---arrogant, territorial, power-hungry in struggle to be an "alpha-in-the-pack", and certainly very yappy.

Now, only more typical in the minority of us with a negative blood always display a strong pacifist and spiritual nature with absolutely no animalistic tendencies. By "spiritual" I don't mean religious, since so many wars and brutal violence has been religiously motivated.

A few commenters under the articles on this topic are calling the whole thing a nonsense, because they say how they are blood-negative but don't have any of those alleged personality traits.

I am not smart enough to explain all possible variables, but even if I could, it would probably be so damn complicated that it wouldn't fit in this, above all, simple piece of mini literature.

And although that would be enough for some others to junk the validity of the theory, the way it is describing me just doesn't let my wide-open mind do it.

In its nutshell, the theory says that we, negative blood individuals, are the descendants of those genetically altered primates whose genome has kept more or less intact the code of space donors into our pool of genes---which manifested itself as an absence of the rhesus-factor in blood's DNA.

We might speculate that genetic experimenters of the past didn't get the "final product" at their first trial around. And although all of the human race has in their genome potential that "seed of the aliens"---allegedly mostly prevalent among Europeans, especially Basques of northern Spain---in the most of the world's population its expression is inhibited by much stronger "mother-rhesus" genes, giving them Rh-positive blood.

Those of us with the most pronounced alien code are called "savants"---NOT myself included---that is, individuals with some well documented extraordinary abilities, a ridiculously high I.Q., but also with some less bombastic personality traits where I can recognize myself as a part of this little world's community.

In the paragraphs that follow, I will try to make obvious this claim, while referring to many of my articles in which I would mention one or more of these "strange" personal characteristics. Articles written long before I knew anything as yet about this phenomenon of negative blood and its psychological echo in human personality.

Some of you of a more suspicious mind will surely see it as a smart way of advertising my other articles; but I can't avoid it, while I have to make some kind of reference to an earlier written material.

And not only that I "have to", but I will also say it from my genuine enthusiasm, which I give to anything looking mysterious, irregular, out of the box of the common.

Just Different in a Garden That Insists on Variety
Just Different in a Garden That Insists on Variety

Being Simply Different

I recently wrote an article depicting a "devotion to my spiritual and dietary routine", giving it exactly that title. In there I didn't spare myself from appearing weird enough with all those strange practices which "normal" people don't do.

Many other of my previous articles were shamelessly following that weird tradition of being an oddball in more ways than one. This weirdness appears as one of those at the top of the list of personality traits described in those many online articles dealing with the negative blood people.

While I am aware that being different, with that recurring feeling of "not belonging" might as well be a trait of any introvert regardless of the blood type, there is more on that list. After all, people may feel different from others for any number of reasons, so it all depends on the context of it, right?

We, negative blood personalities, also claim about ourselves to be "very intuitive", and that's another one I mentioned in quite a few of my articles as pertaining to my model of mental functioning.

Intuitive and empathetic to an intensity of sensing others' vibes and almost reading their minds and feeling their emotions. Not just of those known people in my life but also of total strangers passing by.

I may even get those flashes of empathizing while reading someone's text, as if getting more from between the lines than from the text itself.

I have been writing a lot about "human condition", and hardly any of that was inspired by my own experiences, but rather stemming from such deep empathizing with people with personality issues, which I had to master and refine to prevent it from inflicting a suffering in myself.

And even that could be ascribed to something familiar in the emotional repertoire of those naturally sensitive folks---but then my eyes got stuck on a part of that list which just made me shake my head in disbelief.

Namely, typical negative blood people allegedly have either an extra verterbra or an extra rib in their bone set---and I've got an extra rib on my left side. How many times it was jokingly mentioned as my wife and I were planning our next day dinner, and she suggested "spare ribs".

Now, I hope you do understand why I just couldn't dismiss that list as a sheer nonsense. In this article I don't even care how those 85% of population managed to get their genome overpowered by Rh-positive factor; or why some of the negative blood folks don't share my personality traits.

I am not a geneticist, just an ordinary curious dude somewhat fascinated by an online explanation for my weirdness---which I, by the way, love, and if any of you don't---it's O.K., I love it enough for both of us.

It Takes Light of Human Soul to See How Old and Outmoded Tunes We Are Still Playing
It Takes Light of Human Soul to See How Old and Outmoded Tunes We Are Still Playing

Spirituality Born in Blood

As if I was making some kind of a life mission out of it, in so many of my articles, including in my writer's profile, I was pondering upon man's urgent need to repossess his mind from the brainwashing influences of the society.

Whether I called it "personal sovereignty" or some other name---I always shared my clear vision of what's going on with people acting like programmed biological robots, merely acting out their "automatic pilot", alienated from their true predestined self.

While I was swallowing one after another those Eastern teachings about mental self-discipline, which included getting rid of, or at least minimizing our ego, I felt so much "at home" with those ideas.

So much so in fact, that in an impetus of self-refining I recorded on my cassette recorder for my future repeated listening a bunch of ego-defeating, mocking remarks targeting my false importance, my vulnerability, and my need for others' approvals and validation.

Through repeated listening I detached my observing, nonjudgmental consciousness from that assaulted and agonizing ego, and cultivated an inner distinction between ego's pride and a basic human dignity---which stayed with me as a part of my purely spiritual self-love, self-appreciation and self-acceptance.

I had to become clear about two of my imposing tendencies that seemed to follow me like my shadow through every form of my interacting with the world. One was about feeling even more alienated from others with every new evidence of our being different; and the other was about embracing them with a warm compassion and understanding. My spirituality kept performing its balancing act between these two tendencies all into this age of 73.

I love people, but I still find it so strange that they insist on hurting themselves and each other without collectively waking up already to the shaming records of all history and their inclination to repeat it in one form or another.

Among other personality traits mentioned on that list, there is one about "strange experiences and coincidences" happening to people of negative blood type. Of those I have so many that I could write a small book about them; and I actually did write an article describing several of those really weird things that kept happening to me, with some even more weird coincidences.

We are also said to be extremely dissatisfied with those major answers about life, health, and human potential given to us by the established paradigm and the world's culture market. That's another area where I spent quite some writing effort to debunk the many limitations suggestively imposed on us.

There is a mention of something like "psychic dreams" on that list. I have had many of those in which I was being entrusted with some really huge universal secrets---but when I woke up I couldn't remember any of it with my everyday frame of mind that was taking over. That sensation of mystery from the dream was lingering there for a while longer before fading away completely.

Now, even though there is so much more from that list pointing its finger at me, I've got to stop it now, having said enough to make at least look possible this connection between the negative blood and some strange personality traits possessed by some of the folks circulating it in their arteries and veins.

If you are inclined to see something of a significance there, you may decide to check out some more online articles on that theme. This one was far from merely repeating their stories, but more focused on my own fitting into them.

Without my need to say it, I hope nobody got an impression about my ascribing any special abilities or "superiority" to myself with all that has been said. While I can't prevent such impressions, I can just hope they are not prevalent, as some readers with more open mind, or even sharing such personality traits, are bound to put it all in a right perspective.

Those are the ones who may have gotten a hint about my peculiar spiritual path with no footprints to be followed, and no footprints other than mine left behind.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting read.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      3 months ago from Canada

      Paula, my friend---One of these days I am bound to stop spreading the seeds of my "weirdness" all over this website---and surprise everyone by writing about cooking, home repairs, gardening, and alike.

      My readers will sigh with a relief, and my views-count will skyrocket, LOL, because people really like those "normal" subjects. I fully understand, but as long as I feel this momentum of expressing myself, some of you guys will just have to ignore my scribblings, and let those braver ones take a peek over at least a few first paragraphs.

      Have yourself a wonderful rest of the weekend, my friend. ----Val

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Val....My brain feels like a bomb just exploded within. Sometimes, your thoughts are too complicated and heavy for me to handle. Today must be one of those days.....BUT, it's always good to see you and read what's on your mind! Have a relaxing Sunday, My friend. Peace, Paula

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      4 months ago from Canada

      Kimber---I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for nice comment.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      4 months ago from Canada

      Doris---Never be "sorry" for having an opinion, and never feel hurt if others opt for someone else's over yours.---Your friend Val

    • Kimber Knight profile image

      Kimber Knight 

      4 months ago

      I enjoyed the read. Always like to keep other ideas in mind while I am figuring this thing out.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      4 months ago

      I’m sorry, my friend, but I think the “head blind” are confusing physical genetics with soul or other spiritual traits. Being on spiritual path myself, I fail to see the logic of a link between your spare rib and your IQ and/or personality. Same for your blood type. My cousin had a pig valve installed in his heart, and it made him neither see God nor want to wallow in a mudhole.

      Science has basically come to the conclusion that life did not originate on this planet. Religious texts try to explain that we were made by God or the gods, and conspiracy theorists try to bring out which aliens were involved and why. In other words, who fought whom in whose back yard for control of the planet and its inhabitants.

      Personally, I think, and you certainly have the right to disagree, that the RH negative factor folks came from lines who were more isolated down through the ages and are just in the last few hundred years lucky enough to becoming exposed to, and contaminated by, us RH positive folks. Take that, my friend Val, from a woman who has more Neanderthal genes, according to 23andMe, than 88% of other people tested by them.

      (Joking aside, have they found a correlation between Neanderthal genes and the RH positive factor?)

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      4 months ago from Canada

      Larry---Thank you for the nice comment. Indeed, to an open mind nothing is impossible. Somewhere I read that in a strict sense of quantum mechanics we are not even capable of producing a thought the manifestation of which would be impossible.

    • Larry Fish profile image

      Larry W Fish 

      4 months ago from Raleigh

      That is an extremely interesting read. It really makes me what about what is possible. I would never rule anything out one way or the other, but it makes my mind run around in circles.


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