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Should Students Be Allowed to Eat in Class?

Updated on February 2, 2012

Often times, I find myself so absorbed in school and everything else going on in my life that I forget to find time to eat. I think it is safe to say that it is much harder to focus when hungry. Regardless, many schools, elementary and up, have strict "no eating in class policies. I know that in every school I have attended since I was a kid, the teachers would never let me eat in class. It always bugged me. Especially when five minutes after she told me I was not allowed to eat, she is woofing down on a sandwich at her desk. Don't get me wrong; I have also had lenient teachers who did not have a problem with eating a snack in class. In any case, I don’t think that eating a snack during class time should be against the rules as long as the student cleans up and is not a distraction. This would help schools in the long run because students will be more focused, awake, and excited once they quench their hunger.

Snack Time
Snack Time | Source

Why is it against the rules?

There are a few reasons why it makes sense that eating should be banned from the classroom, but not many. The most important reason, in my opinion, is that students with penut or other food allergies could possibly be at risk of an allergy attack. This is a very serious matter. No student would want to accidentally kill someone else because he or she needed a snack. Penut allergy is the most common cause of food related death. However, only about 150 people die annually from all serious food allergic reactions, and only one percent of the U.S. population has a peanut allergy. This is a very serious matter, but it should not stop all students from having a snack in class. Teachers should inform students if they have someone in the class with allergies and make sure that no one brings anything that could harm the allergic student. Another reason why some may argue that food should not be in classrooms is because it can be distracting. That is a very good point. Still, students are likely to be more distracted if they are hungry. A solution to this problem may be for teachers to take a two or three minute break during class for students to eat a quick snack, get some water or go to the bathroom. That way the rest of class time can be spent focused on working.

why the rules should change.

It is understandable for students to ask to go to the bathroom or to get a drink or snack, but it is not clear why teachers often deny those requests. For some students, lunch might not be scheduled until one in the afternoon. I know that I cannot go that long into a day without eating something. Schools need to allow time for students to have a quick snack. Teachers often get breaks throughout a school day on top of lunch time; students should be allowed the same. I know that my middle and high school days would have been much more pleasant if I was not always so hungry. With school starting at seven in the morning and then sports right after school, lunch time just was not long enough to relax and get my body proper nutrition. This is what a Washington D.C. mother had to say about her daughter's school; "I inquired about the possibility of kids being given a few minutes to eat a healthful snack brought from home -- it doesn’t take long for a hungry teen to inhale a cheese stick -- and was told by the principal that absolutely no eating before lunch was allowed." She is right, it would not take very long or be very distracting for a student to have a cheese stick or granola bar, but it would go a long way in helping that student have a more enjoyable school day. If students enjoy school, then it is likely they will focus much more and achieve better grades.

Eat in School!

I honestly believe that if I was allowed to have snacks throughout the school day, I would have done better some days during high school. Sometimes it was so hard to focus on anything but how hungry and tired I was. All I needed was a snack and something to drink and I know that I would have been much more awake and ready to learn. It is a no brainer that schools across the United States need to start having snack time throughout the day!


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What do you think?

Should students everywhere be allowed to eat in class?

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    • profile image

      shit ass hole 10 months ago

      you should eat

    • profile image

      Ho 19 months ago

      Good one

    • profile image

      felicia 21 months ago

      hey i like this

    • profile image

      CHLOE 2 years ago


    • profile image

      blaireydomond123 2 years ago

      im doing an essay that is just like this right here . I honesty agree with you because I mostly eat in class but only in the class where my teacher are ok with it but its only 2 teachers who allow but im saying all of this is that i absolute agree with you .

    • profile image

      cat in the hat 2 years ago

      stupid idea

    • profile image

      peen 2 years ago

      Hello, my name is Virginia, I want food.

    • profile image

      booty 2 years ago

      my teachers don't let me eat in class but only my math teacher.

    • profile image

      cat 2 years ago

      i can fly

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 3 years ago from USA

      I was so upset by this that I went before a school board and had a "snack" period added as part of the mid-morning classes for my students. If my kids were hungry they didn't perform well and would fall asleep. Changing school policy helped their test scores.

    • profile image

      primroselover 3 years ago

      I agree whole heartedly! I am stuck in middle school with no persuasive topic thoughts, and I thought of why we should be able to eat during classes. you made all of the points I thought of, besides bringing your ACTUALL lunch. I think that it would save time if you just completely cut out lunch! thus, getting out of school sooner.

    • profile image

      Megan 4 years ago

      I like food. ;)

    • profile image

      rizzo 4 years ago

      food is great

    • profile image

      tekeila 4 years ago

      i think this it a great story and yes i do think we should eat in the classrooms and it help us high skoolers watch up more amd pay attention!!!!

    • profile image

      bitch 4 years ago

      stfu and gtfb with all dis and get a life

    • profile image

      Classified 4 years ago

      Great essay, I based one of my school essays off this.

    • profile image

      69er 4 years ago

      I also say NO

    • profile image

      69 4 years ago

      I say NO

    • profile image

      Lemalloo 4 years ago

      Snacks are a way to make your brain happy

    • profile image

      Felix Perez 4 years ago

      Can you people please get a life and stop posting on the internPr

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      4 years ago


    • profile image

      nunya kitty 4 years ago

      i did not ment that the answer is no

    • profile image

      nunya 4 years ago

      this makes total sense. I am usually starving by second period.

    • profile image

      Hello Kitty 4 years ago

      I get very hungry at school!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      juless 4 years ago

      i agree with yu guys i am at school right now and i am hungry ;0

    • profile image

      Julie 4 years ago

      I agree with you people

    • profile image

      Kblhblljhb 4 years ago

      Hi u like snacks?

    • profile image

      red 4 years ago

      yes u should be alowed

    • profile image

      finnia 4 years ago

      hi everyone i think this is right

    • profile image

      Mozana Shioud 4 years ago

      * Vicente

    • profile image

      Mozana Shioud 4 years ago

      Hey ! i have a friend named vincent

    • profile image

      Vicente Cordero 4 years ago

      Great reasons and I agree 100%!

    • profile image

      Mozana Shioud 4 years ago

      Oh my goodness this website has been so helpful to me i am writing a paper about this same subject and i needed 3 reasons and as soon as i thought all hope was lost i find this website ! :) and i'm all for this idea :D

    • profile image

      Saudia Arabia . 5 years ago

      Nice idea (y)

    • profile image

      Joshua a. 5 years ago

      No cuz people r alergic to a lot of things

    • profile image

      arafeli 5 years ago

      yuu should be allowed to eat during class i do it and im a teacher

    • profile image

      benja 5 years ago

      yuu should be allowed

    • profile image

      shley 5 years ago

      nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Hunter 5 years ago

      Very well said, i think every student everywhere should be allowed to have a snack in class!

    • profile image

      Ron 5 years ago

      Great hub, looking forward to come back and fascinted by your posts. Thank you.

      Ron from Fitness Tips

    • profile image

      mjw57 5 years ago

      Good job correctly citing your sources. Also, your article was broken up nicely into topics. Your poll was effective for the article and you gave personal insight as to how you feel about the subject.

    • profile image

      stspera 5 years ago

      I liked your use of transitions and how effectively your voice came out in this article. For example, in the introduction you say "don't get me wrong;..." This is not only a great transition from the previous sentence but it also gives the reader a feel for your style of voice.

    • profile image

      jenp123 5 years ago

      I agree with you. Even though I teach at the university level, and most issues with this are at the high school level, I think there are many reasons why students should be able to eat during class--as long as it's not too loud or disruptive!

    • Maheshmst profile image

      Maheshmst 5 years ago from Bangalore

      No...i do not think it's a good idea though...