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Is School Necessary?

Updated on September 7, 2015


"You have to go to school if you don't want to end up homeless or working in the hot sun."

How often have we all heard this or something like this? Chances are a million times. But how true is it? Well not too long ago this was the case. Everyone wanted people with knowledge and experience. But does that hold up today? The answer is yes, but not like how it was a couple decades ago. Why? Well it's all thanks to the power of the internet. The internet is still new and people still don't know coding as well as they could. That is the #1 topic of this hub. Coding.

Annual saleries

I currently reside in the US so all of my examples will be in US dollars, but this really applies for whatever country you're in. So the average annual salary of an American is about $25,000. The average household income is $51,000. Now this would be the salary of your average American. So the people you see walking down the streets everyday in their casual cars, and their casual homes, living their very stereotypical lifestyle.

This would be great and all if they didn't have to deal with the stress that they more then likely go through everyday. They need to get out of bed early in the morning, go drive to work, deal with 8 or more hours of often times boring work for a salary that everyone else gets for doing boring things. Does that sound exciting? Well throw on the fact that the only way you can get this job is if you spent a few thousand dollars on collage and go there for a few years. Not to mention that if you want to get into college you need to take a hundred tests, get a high GPA, study for every test, and hope you're lucky enough to be accepted.

Now I'm not here to bash colleges or say you shouldn't go, because really, who am I to determine your future? All I'm saying is, do you really need it?

So we've looked at the salary of the average people that went to college, now let's look at some jobs you can do that doesn't require you to go to college. These jobs can range from:

  • Free lance writing
  • Website building
  • Publishing
  • Starting a business
  • App design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And much more

Now these jobs may sound difficult or seem they won't pay that much money, but continue reading and I'll tell you just how simple these jobs really are.

Codecademy Languages
Codecademy Languages

Learn Coding

Now your top priority should be to learn how to code. Why? Because this is where the money is at. Coding is something that everyone wants to learn but no one has time for. However it doesn't take any where near as much time as many people believe it does. You could learn a new coding language in one night if you wanted to. HTML literally took me an hour to learn (granted its the shortest language but it's also the most important for web building).

If you don't know where to learn coding, check out codecademy. It's where I went to learn my codes. Not everything is there (ex. C or C++), but if you're just looking to make a website they have:

  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • jQuerry

Then after you learn these, create a few sites and follow the next tip on this hub.

What languages do you know?

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest jobs you could possibly have. Google adsense and Amazon's affiliate marketing are two examples of this. First off what you need is either a blog post (like what you're on right now), you're own website, or an app. After you've gotten one of these you need to create an account on one of the two affiliate programs named above (or both) and put their ads on your web page or app. Every time someone clicks on one of those adds, you make some money.

So how much does this pay? Well there isn't a set salary for this, instead it's determined by how much "traffic" you can get on your site and to click the ads. However, the average salary of affiliate marketing is just under $52,000. So say you start making this money, you already make more then the average household income. And to even sweeten your job, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to do this! (Unless you don't own a computer, but if this is how you plan to work I highly suggest getting a computer is your first priority.) Also, the more sites/apps you make, the greater traffic you pull in. So just make a lot of content and just by going by sheer statistics you have to make money quickly.

Fiverr's website
Fiverr's website

Upwork and Fiverr

I only recommend these two sites if you're in dire need of money. Or just need some pocket cash real quick, just because these sites you get paid once and that's it. Unlike the other option on here where you get paid each month, here you get paid after completing a job.

Now I've never used upwork before so I can't say much about it. I've checked it out and once I finish learning all there is to building I'll check it out more and create a hub based on that.

As for Fiverr though, I have used that site and I have to say it can be quite useful if you are good at small quick jobs and don't mind a small pay. You usually make $5.00 from each of your "gigs" but you can add more things to earn near $100. So you could learn coding then post a gig saying you'll build a basic website for $100. (Basic being you using HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. People, not knowing how much they should be paying for such a simple job, will pay you whatever you ask for, and they'll probably do some research to look for the best deal so seeing some people asking for $500-$1000, they'll quickly jump to you for the small amount you're charging. As a way to make more money from this, you can choose to make ads send the money to you if the person would allow it. If they want the money from ads, you can charge them an extra $20.00. And if they don't want to accept this deal you can tell them fine, cuz they won't be finding a better deal anywhere else.

So I want to know your reasons for being here

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