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Is Summer School Worth The Investment

Updated on March 31, 2015

Once a upon a time a comedy emerged called Summer School. Sometimes old school is the best. See it at Amazon

Countless parents get children enrolled in summer school programs in order to improve upon the basics. It is seen as a boost for kids struggling during the school year. Whether the grades are lower or even failing, there are benefits to an extra couple of weeks of learning at the end of the regular term.

What is it?

Typically a school or school district pays for a session of school during the summer months. In some cities or states the cost is passed along to the students and their families. Others see the benefit to having lessons at this time of year and underwrites the entire project.

Any pupil with a desire to attend is welcome as long as there is room. Teachers and other support staff are also included in the total monies afforded the project. Some even go as far as including buses for transportation other extras like free lunches.

The overall strategy is to achieve a leg up on the normal course of learning or to catch up for any child lagging behind peers. Each grade is afforded the opportunity to attend. Starting from kindergarten to undergraduates who would like to graduate with the appropriate class.

A small break is given for an average of three weeks between school ending and summer classes starting and again before classes begin in the fall.

Why take a second look?

Look at the entire endeavor with a new eye. A second look is necessary to understand why this particular undertaking is working for lots of kids. The plan is to provide the extra push to make a child successful.

As a parent never look at this as a failure for my child. Even for those persons coming to the program after receiving less than average grades. These are the majority of the audience the plan was created for. Remarkably the less than desirable grades are blamed on teaching methods or even teachers. Lots of times some focused attention makes all the difference. This is received at summer school.

For instance, there was an administrator teaching classes where over half of her students failed the course. Not only in a single class but over 7 different periods of classes she taught. That was a total of two hundred children and she failed at least 100 of them. Something stood out as wrong with these statistics. The focal point of the issue was the teacher, not the pupils receiving the rankings.

The course of action was to fire the teacher, but also resolve the issue for the pupils. Unfortunately, the error was discovered after the regular term and they needed the summer program through no fault of their own.

A complaint to the School Board initiated an investigation into her classroom administration methods and the final outcome identified for many of her classes.

Always look into educators spending time with your children. Ensure they are beneficial to them in the long run.

Many of the students suffering at the hand of the ill equipped or malicious educator actually had great math grades prior to attending her class. They were terrific students and had told several parents they simply didn't “get it”. Scores with the choice of classes made the decision not continue with Math because of the work done and the poor grades received. I learned this was the “new math” and must be taught in connection with the no child left behind mandate.

Summer school works better for smaller children than teens. Teens enjoy the lazy days of the season and have a more difficult time with focus

More benefits

As a society our obligation is to educate and instruct the future of our nation. America is a country in the forefront of the western world. Where we are going with the educational system makes an enormous distinction. Not only are these small citizens the future of America, they are also the future of the world. Additionally, if we are arguing we deserve this spot we need the stats to back it up. Having bright young minds which measure up is a win/win situation for everyone. If it takes an added couple of days during our summer months, so be it.

Does it help in the long run?

A constant struggle ensues for academics and parents alike. Is this a beneficial gain in the long run? For the majority attending, the advantage summer school gives is immeasurable. A year round academic year is possibly a better choice for some kids.

A constant configuration of lessons and learning environment improves some kids retention skills. Communities have addressed some of this with a new method, year round skill. Certain individuals admit they prefer a choice in the matter and will continue to support summer school as a better alternative to year round school.

Amazon offers a brilliant piece of work from three wonderful authors. What Connected Educators Do Differently says a lot about teaching.

Do you think summer school is a good investment for school district monies?

See results

Home schooling doesn't exclude students from using summer school

A child barely skating by or missing the mark benefits tremendously from summer school. A few weeks in a year is capable of building a strong foundation for future endeavors. Having a strong foundation is better overall for everybody.

He or she is on an even learning keel with others of their same peer group. Even though a small one is in first grade, skipping a beat now or struggling constantly is the discrepancy between attending college in the future or not. Even if the future holds a trade or vocational institute, the basics are a requisite.

In conclusion

Although the paybacks are enormous, summer school is not free. There is a cost associated with the course and not all courses are offered for this unique session. Countless districts have the cost tied into the overall budget for the year which permits scores of kids the opportunity to take advantage.

There are also hundreds of states where admission is not a sure thing. Therefore, enroll early to assure a spot. For a large amount the fee per child is on average $300 per course. A good number need more than one class. Services include match, reading and English. Other curricula are sometimes delivered related to the district’s curriculum.

Even home schooled students are able to take advantage of the program. Some require credits of a particular type to earn a high school diploma which are incapable to receive in a home schooling environment.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 7 years ago from all over the web


      thank you for you comment. there are some terrific teachers in the public school system and we meet them everyday. however, there are some teachers that we need to let go or we need to find a different or better method of assessment of their services.

    • sam3m profile image

      sam3m 7 years ago from New York

      a 50% fail rate is too high to assume that students weren't getting it or not studying. the teaching methods, course content and materials have to be examined. teachers should be able to sense that half of their students are having problems and adjust accordingly. while we shouldn't be coddling our students, we also can't ignore that they may not be the source of the problem.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 7 years ago from all over the web

      i believe that all parents should be involved in their childs education. however, my taxes are being paid for public school. i would like to hope it was partly my intervention and a different teacher with summer school classes.

    • fetty profile image

      fetty 7 years ago from South Jersey

      Teachers are sometimes not happy with the curriculum but have to teach with what is mandated by the school board. I am so happy to see your son's grade improve so much. Do you believe it was because of your intervention each day? I believe summer school is worth it but I don't believe there should be a charge. So glad you take an active interest in your child's education. You are the exception to the rule.


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