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Is There Life Besides Us?

Updated on December 22, 2011

Is there life out there? Are we the ONLY intelligent life in the whole Universe? I don't think so.

I feel it is very arrogant of us to believe that we are the only life that exists. Whether you believe in the christian god or other religions, I feel that it is our responsibility to be always learning about ourselves and our universe. If you look at all religions they have similar themes of creation, warriors that battled for kingdoms, a saviour figure that was born and sacrificed for the people and very similar 'rules' to live by. So can we say that one religion is THE one? I don't believe so....

One interesting thing that I've been pondering alot lately is regarding the ancient alien theory that 'star gods' or aliens helped the egyptians and myans and many other cultures build their huge pyramids and structures via extremely advanced technology. This makes sense because the structures are made with such large and precicely cut stones that even modern stone cutters today and modern equipment cannot duplicate today.

Reading about the science discoveries of new planets that could be inhabited is fascinating! With the aid of the Hubble telescope and various satellites scientists can see far beyond our own galaxy and perhaps someday discover other life.

So, where are these 'star gods' aka aliens today? Have we advanced far enough that they have gone on to other parts of the universe to start other inhabited planets? Are they among us still living as we do? Hmmm....something to think about!

Or perhaps they already live among us! Something else to ponder!

Do check out the HIstory Chanel and their shows about Ancient Aliens and many other shows that scientifically research our universe and our planet.


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