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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Updated on October 31, 2017

Dangers Found In Municipal Water Systems

Millions of Americans today get their drinking water from public water systems, many also depend on wells or springs for potable water. Long term consumption of common tap water contaminants can greatly affect your health and well being. Many municipal water supply systems are in dire need of repairs or total replacement.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires that all community water systems located in the U.S.A. to report the quality of the drinking water supplied to its customers annually. This includes details on where the water supply comes from, what contaminants have been found in the water and the potential health effects. Unfortunately I can never remember receiving information on this from my local water provider. I do know that personally there were many times that my drinking water left a strange chemical after taste after consumption.

Water Filters Can Protect You From Harmful Contaminants

Water filters are relatively inexpensive and improve the overall taste of your tap water as well as the smell, and appearance. Many water filters will also remove many harmful chemicals found in your drinking water. Currently there isn't a better way of ensuring that your drinking, cooking and bathing water is as healthy as possible for you and your family. Compare a glass of bottled water to a glass of tap water. Take a close look at the color, clarity and then smell both of them. Chances are, your tap water will be cloudy and may smell of chemicals. Depending on the type of water filter you choose to install, they can be extremely effective in removing specific substances.

The use of a whole house water filter is the only way to ensure pure, filtered water from every water source in the house. Harmful chemicals constantly escape into the air in a home from the dishwasher, the toilet, and the shower. The release of water contaminants into the air can result in poor air quality in your home. This poor air quality can be a leading cause of asthma and bronchitis. A whole house water filter purifies water efficiently and cost-effectively, making it a viable solution to drinking water contamination for a majority of people.

Low Cost Home Water Filter

Space Saver Water Purifier by Brita
Space Saver Water Purifier by Brita

Home Water Analysis

There are test kits available that allow you to quickly and easily test your drinking water from the convenience of your own home for unhealthy contaminants and unsafe conditions. If any of the above are found it would be wise to contact your water supplier and consider the use of a home water purifier.

There is also network of certified laboratories that will perform drinking water analysis. These customized water testing services whether or not your water supply comes from a private well or city water supply.

Drinking Water Test Kit

Tap Water Survey

Do you filter your tap water or totally rely on your water supplier for quality and safety?

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