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Is a Liberal Arts Degree Worthless?

Updated on March 2, 2013

Worthless Liberal Arts Degree?

College is useless if you don't major in science, engineering, mathematics, or computer information systems!

A major in one of the liberal arts disciplines is a waste of time. Sure, history, geography, english, and sociology might be interesting subjects, but what types of real-world job skills do they give you? Do you want to teach?

I hear variations of these questions asked of liberal arts majors all the time. And I can understand why many well-meaning people inquire about the usefulness of a liberal arts degree in todays technologically advanced society.

But not everybody aspires to be a doctor, accountant, scientist, or computer programmer.

And for me, studying anything in the math and science fields is as appealing as going into the garage and hitting myself over the head with a hammer! No interest whatsoever!

I've never had any desire to be a scientist or chemist or doctor; I could care less about writing code, designing buildings, or building spaceships. I've always been interested in history, geography, and social science. Plus, I've always liked to write, so I flirted with being an English major as well, but I hate poetry and literature.

Granted, us liberal arts majors are likely to make less money than those who majored in the hard sciences, but that's ok. Money is definitely nice, but it's hard to make money in something that you have no interest in. I mean, you have to be passionate, right?

To me, you have to be legitimately and passionately interested in a subject to major in it. And there's no way I could learn to like anything in the math or science field. And even If I could manage to make it through a degree program in one of those areas, there's no way I could earn a living doing something that I despise. I would burn out before I started!

So, why even go to college then? Is a liberal arts degree even necessary to find a good job?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be yes, in most cases, not considering trade/vocational schools, but that's a whole other topic.

I've seen countless job ads for basic, entry-level positions that require a B.A/B.S degree in basically anything, just so long as you have a college degree.

Even for simple administration assistant jobs (glorified secretary) a college degree is often mandatory just to be considered. And I think that is insane.

So many of these entry-level jobs should not require a college degree. A high school education along with any on-the-job training should suffice for many jobs out there. But no, a college degree, in basically anything, is needed to get int the door.

And this leads more and more people into getting college degrees, which further dilutes the relevance of a college degree, and which will soon make more advanced degrees necessary to simply be considered for the same entry-level positions. But I digress!

The bottom line for me is this: I love learning, and I have several academic subjects that interest me. In today's world, a college degree can only help, not hurt; therefore, I am majoring and minoring in subjects that interest me.


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    • AnthonyJ33 profile image

      AnthonyJ33 4 years ago from Southern California

      Good for you. In what did you major?

    • erene profile image

      erene 4 years ago

      I couldn't agree more. I have had thoughts in my final year, about the job market and the economy and how stupid i was to study humanities. Now that I graduated, granted, i don't have jobs waiting or great money ahead, but i have to say i am happy i spent the best and most creative years doing what i liked!