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Is alcoholism 101 a college course??

Updated on March 3, 2016

Drinking 101

My child graduated in 2010 at 16 and we sent her off to the big city at 17 to go to a 4 year college, it was a heart wrenching time for us as her parents, she was much to young to leave us but she was ready to spread her wings and fly!! What we failed to realize is that college meant party, party and party!! Yes the legal drinking age is 21 but we all know that doesn't stop college kids from drinking! She made the deans list her first semester and after that she just got average grades, we think it was the introduction of her new college course Drinking 101, it wasn't taught by a professor and it didn't cost us a dime but it was a course she didn't fail!!

The first time we went to visit and I tried to clean up her little crowded dorm room I was shocked at all the empty alcohol bottles I found stuffed in closets, empty suitcase and under her tiny bed!! Now don't get me wrong I knew she would be tempted by some older, cute senior star of the football team while she was there but not all that alcohol! So we had the talk all parents have about drinking and college and first and foremost about how it was illegal for her to drink, after all she was only 17! She let us know that everybody does it which was not a very good explanation, but we knew that she was going to have to learn the hard way or just decide that it was just not cool!!

Well after her first year she hadn't quite learned either of those lessons, so year 2 it was the same class all over again, this was the year I just knew she was going to fail Drinking 101!! I think she passed that class again but finally realized it wasn't as much fun this year as she thought it was! In her Junior year she became an (ra) resident assistant and it was then that she learned that Drinking 101 was still being taught and that one of her new responsibilities was to report those that were breaking the rules! I remember the day she called me and said Mom do you remember the speech you gave me in my freshman year about drinking and I of course laughed and said why yes I do, why?? Her response was priceless as she told me that she today had to repeat that same speech to her residents!! I reminded her to not to be to hard on them because she had taken the same class twice and had somehow managed to pass it unscathed!!


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