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Is capital punishment justified for Delhi gang-ape case?

Updated on December 22, 2012

After going through all the stuff about end of the world in last so many years, today I realized that the end of the world has actually happened. End of the world literally means the end of humanity. Today is the day when I believe in all superstitions from Mayans to every shit about the end of world theory. Yes, it is not our death; it is the death of kindness, love, and affection inside us. The whole world is moving toward hatred, lust, anger, frustration, and jealousy at a very rapid pace and soon we all will torture and kill each other.

I was not writing much at Hubpages since last 1 year but the recent disgraceful events committed mostly on women and kids by brutal men have sparked the fire inside me. Be it the brutal Delhi gang**pe case or the case of shootings in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, United States of America. Even just before writing this article, I heard about a little 3-year-old being ra*ed by the husband of the owner of a playschool in Delhi and another housewife being tortured and ripped out of her modesty and ra*ed by ten men in the middle of a village in India. Everyone's watching but no one responding.

Where we are moving? Are we moving toward crisis of everything? Yes, we are. Some people say that God is there. Where is God when these things happen, where is God when innocent kids and girls are abused, tortured, and killed. God only lives inside the Idols or the Holy books. After these series of events, even the existence of God is at question.

Now what's the solution for this? Is the solution of giving same torture to the accused justified? Yes, it is totally justified according to me and I know millions of men and women from around the world agree with this. Is capital punishment enough for these perpetrators of violence and crime? I think no, as what lessons other people of same psychopathic mentality will get from this. A silent death is very easy for them. The death of these perpetrators should be a lesson for others. If you take the case of Delhi gan**ape case, a 23-year-old physiotherapist intern was ra**ed by six men in a moving private bus and then an iron rod was put inside her and taken out pulling out her intestines. Now please tell me through the comments if capital punishment is justified?


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    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Yes you are right but one of the accused, Ram Singh, has hanged himself in Tihar Jail which is really good, at least God in the form of his inmates might have taught him this lesson, they did what Indian govt didn't did till now.

    • kashmir-ladakh profile image


      5 years ago from usa

      I read about it and it was a really sad incident.


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