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Is it Beneficial to take Distance Learning Classes

Updated on December 19, 2011

Before we discuss the benefits of distance learning we must understand what learning qualifies for this label. Distance learning amounts to taking classes without being in a classroom environment. This latest concept in education is increasing in intensity as more schools and universities are embracing it. Several characteristics are involved in distance learning and they come with positive aspects.

The basic premise of distance learning identifies that classes are not set in a classroom environment though some are created with opportunities to converse with other students and instructors. The concept of distance learning also presents opportunities for individuals to take classes from nationally recognized educational facilities without a requirement to be at the location from which the class is being generated. Individuals now have the opportunity more than ever to be connected with nationally recognized educational institutions the distance learning.

There are two basic types of distance learning classes. One though it is a class from a distance it provides or requires courses or sessions to be completed within a certain time frame. The other type which many individuals prefer allows individuals to take classes at their own pace. This not only makes educational opportunities more available it helps to reduce the stress of attending classes on a campus. This opens the door for many individuals who may not have the time to commit to going to a physical location to be in a classroom environment.

Distance learning can also involve webinars which are widely used in this technological age. They have become commonplace for many recognized instructors and individuals who want to learn from them. The cost of this type of distance learning is usually greatly reduced and sometimes free within specific criteria. The opportunity to connect and learn from the best through the distance learning environment of a webinar cannot be ignored.

Our education system within the country at national, state and local levels have also embraced this aspect of educating our future leaders. The topics available through a distance learning environment are as varied as the instructors. Our education system though it is a great one is getting better by the use of distance learning. Another aspect which benefits our schools is the lower cost of offering a distance learning class. Today many schools are in financial straits and they need to examine how they can successfully provide educational opportunities while reducing their costs. Distance learning meets the criteria. Granted there may be exceptions to using distance learning but if the objectives can be met for a class it needs to be explored.


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