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Is it all a Dream?

Updated on May 13, 2013

Is it all a Dream?

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Throughout our human history, men of dreams and imagination have paved the way to reality in later times. Jules Vern and Leonardo daVinci are perfect examples: prophets of flight, submerged travel and many more. It appears that what can be imagined can eventually become reality. This mystery evokes many questions about the process of thought, about imagination and the power of the human mind.

I love the ‘Matrix’ movie franchise, an idea that may or may not be true but it gets you thinking about how we perceive reality. Think about the imaginative movies that have presented heroes of extraordinary abilities: being able to walk through walls, have x-ray vision, able to fly and having superhuman strength to name a few. Perhaps these abilities are more about our acceptance of limits rather than possibility. Perhaps these projections of art can become real with a different viewpoint.

Richard Bach, the American author had that same theme in his books, like ‘Illusions’ and ‘The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’ . He wrote that reality was a result of our thoughts and the limits we accepted. Without these limits anything at all is possible. How enticing these thoughts. In a way we already accept this idea by understanding positive thought and affirmation to gain successful results. And it works. Perhaps then we haven’t gone far enough and with even fewer limits further results could be achieved.

The rules by which our universe is governed have been established by science, overseen by our capacity for logical deduction. The question is life may not just be subject to our process of logic and may well be far beyond our capacity.

Recently rafken posted a hub ‘Is Reality a Myth’ and in it a scientific experiment with light that exposed an interesting anomaly. The result baffled scientists because light responded to a human intervention as if understanding it. It’s fascinating and you should read it.

The more science discovers the more is needs to know, the more it doesn’t know. Life perhaps cannot be dissected and understood in an objective way. It may be layered with many truths, each adding to the whole but not completely understood until at its core.

History has shown us that reality can be manipulated by our minds, giving credence to endless possibility and a key to the endless possibility of what reality may be. Our view may be so rudimentary that truth is an impossible feat. We may well be living in the mind of a deity, our existence a dream and reality itself a tag unattached to truth.

Regardless, what we have in life is choice. We can control the process by free will and create our paths of life having to endure the ramifications of our choices. We are self-procreating in mind and therefore in physical life. What that is may be in question, but the mystery is fascinating. It’s quite a ride.


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