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Is our dreams trying to tell us something?

Updated on June 21, 2009

Dreams {noun} a series of images and feeling that happen in your mind while you are asleep, an ambition or wish. informal a wonderful or perfect persons or thing, but l will be writing on some of my dreams l had in the past, and looking back at them, it seem to make some sense,or as other will say" its was just a coincidence that all"

Dream One: Last month l had a dream that left me wonder, about it for days?

A co-worker of mine , whom l haven spoken to in years, came to me

in my dreams, sceniaro: l was in the grocery store, pushing my shopping cart

she, came up, to me and asked me to carry her water melon, so l asked her

why, she want me to carry her water melon for, so she said "it's so heavy, let me

put it on your shopping, cart, I told her no" I can't you haven't spoken to me in

years, "why should l carry your water melon.

Last week, that co-worker die suddenly, after several months of a unknown

illness, Now, this is my interpretation of that dream, she was trying to make.amends........ with me, in my dreams, she probably knew that she was dying and was reaching out to me..

Dream Two. I saw a white bucket near the bathroom, in my dreams, so l was wondering

who put the bucket there, so l was so curious l look,. in the bucket and this ugly

fish with a big black head jump, right out and bite me, l jump out of my sleep

so, afraid, l told a friend about the horrible dream l had, and she told me , that l

was pregnant. and l told her "what are you talking about, so she said anytime

a female dream about fishes, she is pregnant, so l told her that is so silly, and she

said to me" just you wait and see," My periods did not come the following month,and so be it, l was

pregnant> so should we all take our dreams seriously? yes from my

experience with them yes".

Dream three Had another one, dream that all my teeth fell out, and l had to see the

dentist, this dream worried me, all day, and about 2 pm in the afternoon,

was sucking on a candy cane, and my front tooth broke, was this a

coincidence or my dreams always trying to tell me that something

was going to happen to me,

at some point or another?

Dream Four:  I was about eight years old, my mother asked me to go to the store, in my

dreams, "I remember crying in my dream and telling my mother, that l don't

want to go to the store, because someone is going to be fighting in the  store

and l was going to get hurt:

Next day,  l went to the store to get some Tide detergent for my mother,

a fight broke out, and l certainly got hurt, the two kids fell on top of me,

and the tide was all over my body, so, was this a premonition or just a


Dream Five:   I was about 15 years old had a dream and saw these two kids in my

dream , l was playing and having fun, with them, so over the years

kept thinking of these two children , over the years, and finally in 1983

I got a job in New Jersey taking care of the same two kids , who was in

my dreams. Was this a premonition or another dream?

So l will advised many of us to take your dreams seriously,


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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 5 years ago from NewYork

      Maybe it a flash back on the moment during the delivery you tried to forget... maybe it nothing.. just keep a close eye on your baby, the vaccum cleaner, and most of all stay away from late night snack(:)

    • profile image

      Kathryn nelle 5 years ago

      I've had a dream about being pregnant not far along. And in my dream I was laying down in bed watch TV and my stomach popped really hard as he was turning and right after I had the feeling to push and my husband was helping me push by using some kind of vacuum. Has he came out I realized the it was a boy and he wasn't breathing and I was siting there crying historically. And I woke up right after that. And it has worried me all day. I just had a baby girl 9 months ago. I just had my birthcontrol shot. But idk why it really bothering me cause I feel like God is trying to tell me something.

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      thank you for pulling up this old write,

      and sometimes dream really come true.

      one love


    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 6 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Hi, It's true God could be trying to tell us something in our dreams. After all, our Spirit is always busy while our physical bodies are asleep. I know many people that have had some of the same dreams, like;

      1. Flying in the air on tall buildings and trees.

      2. Running and flying, trying not to fall from high buildings.

      3. Teeth missing out of our mouth, either top front teeth or bottom front teeth.

      4. Sinking in quick-sand while other people are trying to help you out of it, then you go deeper into the quick-sand the more people try to help you out.

      Some dreams are so strange, but God can help us to understand the dreams if we only as Him. Voted up.

    • profile image

      kim 6 years ago

      When I was 16 my doctor told me I was pregnant with a girl. A few months earlier my mom told me and my sister that she had a dream about fish swimming in a blue bucket. Which meant somebody was pregnant with a boy. after I found out I was having a girl she wondered who she had dreamed about. I gave birth to a boy and my sister was pregnant with a boy also. When I was 18 I have birth to a girl but my mom did not have a dream. Months later my mom had a dream about fishes swimming in a blue and a pink bucket well out couldn't be me because I already had my second child. It turned out my sister was pregnant with a girl and my sister in law was pegnant with a boy. now I'm 24 and the other day my mom told me and my sister she had a dream about fish swimming in a white bucket. For the last two months my sister and I have been having sex with and dating brothers that are white guys. Does her dream mean one of us is pregnant and is going to have a baby with the white guy? I'm a little nervous because I just got on some birth control that last for ten years but I was careless with my guy to where we never used a condom he just pulls out.

    • profile image

      mikeq107 6 years ago

      Annie :0)

      Long story But since I was 3 0r so I have had similar dreams...and some times during the day I would and still do get pictures of whats to come....Eg One day I was reading the news paper and saw a picture of the editor and I just knew he would die that week...that weekend he died in a plane crash....This is very comon for me..just like breathing...alawys thought there was something wrong with me...but No its just a gift from God :0)

      Mike :0)

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      Thank u for commenting haikutwinkle

    • haikutwinkle profile image

      haikutwinkle 7 years ago

      In some of my dreams or flashes of visions, they were mostly negatives or related to death or funeral scene. It was shown to me in a very clear way, not metaphors like yours. If it was a funeral, then there was the funeral scene and it would be the same scene that I would see in reality. Although in some cases, the character turned out to be a different person.

      The dreams did not necessarily relate to myself. It could also be someone whom I had just encountered or acquainted with.

      Thank you for your comment on my "Swift Hummingbirds"

      Angels Light Be With You!

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      yes there is, a connection between reality and our dream

      sometimes we just have to take time and think about what that dream might be trying to tell us.

      thank you very much for reading , it means so much to me

    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 7 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      This hub is a good one. Some dreams do come true, some doesn't and some I forget. Dream coming before the actual happening cannot be a co-incidence. It definitely makes us aware. Thus, taking 'dream' lightly is not the right thing to do. I feel there is a connection between reality and dream and hope to get the right answer very soon.

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      Dee aka Nonna thank you so much for stopping by, I almost forgot this piece I wrote sometimes ago,

      thank you for commenting

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 7 years ago

      I do believe that dreams are communicating something to us. My mother was very good at being able to interpret some types of dreams. I have several dream books...the kind that will help your intrepret what you dream about. I consult them quite a bit. This was a very good hub...your experiences will no doubt help someone else.

    • LoopyGem profile image

      LoopyGem 7 years ago from Canada

      Oh MY Gosh! I honestly did not see this before I started writing my hub about an hour ago!!! Crazy!! I made a few tweaks, hit publish and after it loaded I looked around the page and saw this hub on the is quite similar but different..must I say...Great Hub!!

    • WillDigges profile image

      WillDigges 7 years ago from USA, New York

      Dreams are reality, and reality are dreams.

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      Alta5656 thank you for taking time and commenting,and dream can be the key to most of our problems, and it always up to us, to interpet them..

    • Alta5656 profile image

      Alta5656 7 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      There are dreams that would baffle you.. what it means..would it happen.. The dreams that you can vividly recall sometimes bothers. You interpret them.

      I once had a dream, like a premonition.. The events I saw in the dream happened almost exactly the same, after only about 12 hours! It was so scary, like a scene in a movie.

      Like you, I always have a dream. Most dreams I can recall, some I could not. And like you, I interpret them when I can.

      Thanks for this very interesting hub.

    • profile image

      DJK1LL3RZ 7 years ago

      Also after reading my comment, can you please tell me what I should do or shouldn't do because I really need to know. I have given you my youtube homepage so that you can message me. Please write back letting me know what my dream is trying to tell me. :) thank you

    • profile image

      DJK1LL3RZ 7 years ago

      I just had a dream today about this girl that I wrote a letter to asking her out on a date but as friends only so I can get to know her better before even trying to get with her. She never said yes or no to the letter. So in my dream I asked her why she hasn't said anything about the letter. She told me something like I didn't fill in her box or something like that (Basically saying that she isn't ready to date or something.) After she told me that she was saying I was cute and I was telling her that she was cute as well and we just began to talk alittle bit more. Then I woke up wondering if I should ask her why she never responded back to the letter I had given her.

    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      Thank you for commenting

      dreams are really a communication to the future.

    • Tkumah profile image

      Tkumah 7 years ago

      Dreams are a way of communicating the future. Not all dreams. You have great intuition and somehow I sense a connection to some spiritual faith.

      That dream about the fish was a scary dream though. Were you afraid to get pregnant?

      Many beautiful dreams in the future.


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