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Is the Illinois Department of Education capable of standing up for it's children?

Updated on October 27, 2012

Can the Illinois Department of Education stand up for the children and root out the inexcusable failures of our public schools?

Far too often children are not meeting the public schools requirements for reading and comprehension. Scores of Chicago-land families are enrolling their children in tutoring centers to meet grade level requirements. Published school district statistics do not include the amount of extra tutoring paid out of families budgets each school year. Even though there are often multiple Principal and Superintendent changes from year to year, nothing has been done to improve teaching abilities or techniques. School administrators are aware of this unpublicized situation. It's not hard to miss when tutoring centers have advertisements posted just off of the school property line. Too many families have been disappointed & disgusted with the complete failure to teach the basic fundamentals of reading and mathematics. The little told secret is that many middle and upper middle-class families are propping up public schools with extra instructions at tutoring centers for their children, at a great added expense to these families. Anyone can watch the steady flow of students coming and going out of the tutoring center at any given strip mall that has one, especially on Saturdays. It has become an epidemic. Without this added instructional time for the students, many more of these Illinois schools would be classified as failing. If this were the case, tutoring would be provided through the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND free of charge! If the extra tutoring provided through the No Child Left Behind did not bring up the school's rating, the school would be closed by law!

In short:
1) Tutoring centers are helping to educate Illinois children.
2) Children should NOT be so easily classified with a learning or reading disabilities. It could be a teaching disability that occurred while the child was in the primary grades. How can a school district be awarded a RED APPLE Award while not being able to teach appropriate reading skills? The answer is COVER UP, call the CHILD DISABLED, encourage the parents to fix the problem with CASH (tutoring) or just CHASE THEM OUT of the district!

3) School Districts should conduct parent surveys to determine how many families are enhancing their children's education with tutors. This information should be sent to the Illinois Department of Education at the end of the school year and evaluated against district statistics for a more accurate district history.

In most cases, tutoring can cost as much as private school tuition for a full year. Unfortunately, it has become a fact, that in many school districts within Illinois it is sometimes impossible to get a public and free education for your child. Without tutoring, chances are great an average child will be classified as disabled in reading if the school deems that expectations are not being met. This classification varies widely from district to district. Just imagine what it would be like if districts that are in poor and financially impoverished areas had tutoring centers in their neighborhoods. Have you ever seen one? Certainly these schools districts would not be deemed failing as often or at all. The facts are that tutoring centers, when available are saving children’s futures. The children without tutors may not have much of a future because of Illinois school failure. Often failing schools will receive tutoring services through No Child Left Behind but the resources are often limited. However, well off school districts want to keep their high real estate tax base so they often encourage their families to use privately paid for tutoring at record levels to help improve statical numbers provided by the district to it's residents. Families of these children not only pay high property taxes to be living in an advertised excellent school district but often pay huge tutoring costs just to keep up with their school district.

No child should ever be left behind, no matter where they live! Also, tax payers need to be aware of how their tax money is being used or miss used! Can you trust your public school district to provide the best education available to your child? Future hubs will detail exactly what the Department of Education plans to do for the children in Illinois. You might or might not be surprised!


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