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Is the Universe Really Infinite?

Updated on October 26, 2016


Before I begin, it is worth noting that nobody has a definite answer as to whether the universe is infinite or finite. However, there are multiple theories which support different ideas. There are far too many to list, so I will hit the main ones.

To further investigate, I would recommend checking out any of Albert Einstein's publish novels. They are a great resource for anything space or physics related.


A Galaxy in the Amazing Universe
A Galaxy in the Amazing Universe


Whether you have heard of this or not, you probably can understand what it means just by listening to the word. Multiple universes. Yes, some believe we are living in a universe out of many. May sound crazy, but there are some real psychics and mathematics to back this theory up.

There are things of space called black holes. You have probably heard of these, and know that they can supposedly lead to other places in the universe. (Check out my article on black holes for more information).

Anyways, some people believe that instead of leading to other places in our universe, black holes can actually lead to an entirely different universe. Right now you are probably very confused.

"You mean to tell me that a black hole can lead to a new universe? How so? What is in between our universe and the other universes?"

To answer these questions you have to know a good amount of physics. I would tell you about them in depth, but rather I am going to give you another reference. Only because it takes about 2 months to fully explain and even I do not know every aspect of it. (I will have a link at the end of this article).


Illustration of Multiple Universes According to the Multiverse Theory
Illustration of Multiple Universes According to the Multiverse Theory

Our Universe is Shrinking

This theory believes that not only is our universe finite, but it is actually shrinking.

While I personally do not believe in the big bang, I am going to use it to help explain the subject.

Many people believe that our universe started in a very small point, we can call this a singularity. It then exploded, releasing all of the energy and grew in size. It kept expanding and expanding, forming the universe that we now live in. Well, here is where the theory comes into play.

Anything that starts at one point and then begins to expand, is going to slow down over time. This means that the universe will eventually stop expanding. There are all sorts of estimates for when this could be. I am not going to mention any of them because none of the estimates have scientific reasoning behind them.

Anyways, when the universe stops expanding it will collapse. Yes, the universe may one day collapse. Similar to how a star reacts when it dies out. This is due to the amazing amount of mass the universe contains. There is nothing to keep it from falling in on itself.

So is Our Universe Infinite or Finite?

It depends on which theory you believe in. I have my own theory which is similar to the universe is shrinking. Only I believe that the universe expands and shrinks simultaneously. Before I end, I would like to note there is something called the observable universe. What I am about to say next will leave your brain in knots.

We can only see so much of the universe. It is for this reason we do not know whether it is infinite or finite for sure. Overtime, we are able to see more and more of the universe from Earth because as time passes, the light from objects is just reaching Earth. Allowing us to see what ever objects are out there.

In fact, if you were to go to a distance planet and look at Earth through a telescope. You could see prehistoric life such as dinosaurs. Of course, the planet would have to be positioned just right for the timing to be correct.

Confusing? Absolutely, just about anything in space is confusing. However, it is something cool to think about. Maybe one day we will know the answer, or maybe it will remain a mystery forever.


Very Small When in Comparison to our Universe
Very Small When in Comparison to our Universe


Is our Universe Infinite or Finite?

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