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Is the real goal of education in jeopardy?

Updated on April 4, 2014

Education prepares the leaders of tomorrow but what philosophy will those leaders have given the present direction of our education system. Education is a critical segment of our society and it should be one of learning about the real history of our country along with providing the opportunity for knowledge. The content of and approach of our schools in their curriculum and how it is taught is quite different today than when we were in school. The question is what changed.

Over the years decisions made about what will be taught and the methods used to teach various subjects has seen a shift. Some shifts are a good thing in utilizing the technology to improve and prepare the leaders of tomorrow when they enter the workforce. Other shifts are not so much of a good thing. The content of textbooks has changed to become more of a political correctness than telling it like it was. The leaders of tomorrow need to understand the events in which our country was involved and why it was important. Some events we were forced into such as World War II when Pearl Harbor was attacked while other events required our involvement based on the principles on which our country was found.

Changes taking place today is changing the scope of education as I see it not only with the subjects being chosen to teach but the subjects being omitted from the curriculum. One of the changes deals with common core principles. It is a government program to influence and sometimes dictate what needs to be taught and the methods used to teach them. Dependent upon how various subjects are being taught it can become indoctrination rather than a learning environment.

The real goal of education is a simple one. It is to educate. This may seem to be a no brainer but in today’s world the goal of education has seem to have gotten lost. Education in our society today has become broader than in the past while still maintaining the goal of educating those in all types of environments. Many factors are involved in achieving the goal of educating in addition to the environment.

The right learning environment is a big issue with regards to teaching subjects which will be needed to enter the workforce and be a viable addition. Businesses today need individuals with specific talents in addition to normal subjects like English and Math. Some industries have specific needs for the future to prosper with the availability of individuals who have the educational background needed for their jobs now and into the future.

Our education system while being one of the best if not the best in the world does have some problems and these problems cannot or should not involve the federal government dictating what should be taught and the methods used to teach them. I heard about a statement made which makes me angry. If the statement is true our education system will not be providing the talents businesses of tomorrow will need. Without identifying the subject the comment I heard is that a student had trouble with a specific subject but he passed the course because he tried. This is no way benefits the student or society.

Students need to comprehend the subjects being taught and more importantly they need to be subjects that will benefit the talents and their capability to understand the content to be prepared for a career in the future. Schools while teaching basic subjects must teach what businesses need now and in the future. The leaders of tomorrow must have the talent, knowledge and capability to make good decisions pulling from their educational background.

Along with our educational needs we also need instructors/teachers who have the desire and capability to communicate to each student in their classes as each student has different needs and capabilities. Our education system needs the resources to reach each individual to provide them with the knowledge and education that will benefit them and help them to be a viable part of society. With respect to teachers it must be understood that there are those who would be great teachers who have the desire to teach but have no formal recognition of their talents. There are many teachers within the business community that can provide a connection between schools and the needs of society.

As I stated in the beginning of this article the real goal of education is educate. Education is an important and critical element of society. Getting an education is important. We all learn in our own way and it does not need to be in a classroom environment. Educating ourselves is also part of the real goal of education. Many of us learn from reading books and articles written by some of the finest authors and writers. These individuals have knowledge of subjects for which they have expertise or experience. Any system can be improved it is a matter of what needs to be improved and who makes the decisions on what needs to change. We as individuals must make sure that the real goal of education is accomplished to create and support the leaders of tomorrow. The key is to utilize the right combination of talents available and to teach subjects which benefits society and the students. We need great leaders for tomorrow and our education system must provide the proper subjects and resources to make them


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