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Is there a Power in Positive Thinking?

Updated on August 1, 2012

Positive thinking is just a state of mind which leads to growth and success. It is a mental attitude which eventually brings favorable results for the person. When we see a person disturbed or depressed we often ask him to “think positive”. Is it merely a sympathy statement or positive think actually helps you to come out of a trouble? Is it possible for us to develop the positive thinking attitude?

Let us begin with our day-to-day experience. We are constantly in search of new opportunities and for that we face several tests and interviews. You may have noticed that people who came with a negative thought that it is difficult for them to clear the test/interview are not able to clear it. Their unconscious mind is not ready for that test and hence they commit mistakes and end up as a loser.

Our thoughts not only affect our mental well-being but also our physical health. When we have positive thoughts brain release a hormone which makes you feel good similarly during our negative thinking brain releases a chemical the excess of which can force us to depression, anxiety and fear. A research of Mayo clinic shows that people with positive thinking live longer, have low stress levels and even are less likely to get common cold and flu. Even if something goes wrong these people have great coping abilities. There are many examples of serious cancer patients, cardiac patients who have denied their medical predictions only through positive thinking and positive habits.

Thoughts are contagious whether negative or positive. The way you think will reflect on the environment around you. Here are some simple techniques to bring positivity in life.

· Take care of yourself – when you start caring for yourself, your health you are giving your body a message that it is worth caring. Gradually you will feel that you are physically well and positive thoughts will surround you.

· Avoid Negative energy – It is very difficult to change the people around you but easier to change oneself. Positive people around you will make you happy and optimist. Make sure that you are surrounded with positive energies all the time.

· Talk to the mirror – make it a routine to talk to your mirror. Speak up the positive things about yourself the way you look, feel and desire. You will start believing it and will notice that the world starts believing it too.

· Note down the positive events – Practice this daily before retiring to bed. Take a look at all the events that happened that day and figure out the positive things. This will help you in noticing that world is full of positive things and it is only a matter of our view point.

There is no magical potion which would help you in gaining the positive attitude in a night. It is a constant training of mind which would help you in acquiring the positive thinking. Meditation and relaxation techniques will also help you thinking positive. Our life is not a Bollywood flick which would end up happily there is grief, fear and negativity. You will find people seeking answers to why bad things happen to good people and at the same time you will also find people finding solace through their positive thinking in the same situation. It is up to you to decide whether the glass is half-empty of half-filled.


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    • profile image

      Giselle Maine 5 years ago

      I agree that positive thinking makes a world of difference in anyone's life. Thanks for this helpful and inspirational hub.