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Is there evidence for alien life in the universe?

Updated on November 12, 2014

Where are they?

Most scientists theorize that there must be millions and perhaps billions of planets orbiting stars that contain life. Since those scientists believe that our solar system is fairly young in the cosmological sense then it makes our species, homo sapiens, the new kids on the block in terms of our time here in the universe.
Which also means that if there are other species, they should be more advanced than us if you believe in evolution.

Therefore, they should have been traveling in space long before humans ever dreamed of doing that. And they should be communicating with each other.
Project SETI (The Search for Extra Terrestrial Life) has scoured the cosmos looking for signals indicating some form of intelligent life with radio telescopes, optical sensors and other forms of detecting electromagnetic signals.

So far, the only luck they have had with anything resembling a signal was a short lived radiation burst called the "Wow" signal that had scientists excited at first- but once the signal disappeared it became obvious it was probably a fluke or natural phenomenon, since an intelligent signal would likely be able to be repeated.

Since that one radio burst in the 1970's that quadrant of the sky has been silent.

Which leads one to the conclusion that perhaps life does not exist on a grand scale as believed, or that evolution is not a universe wide phenomenon. Either scenario leads to the conclusion that either we are alone in this part of the universe, or that if there is life, it is of a form far less evolved than we were led to believe.

And there are those that believe life here is something unique to our planet. While scientists would argue the validity of that statement theoretically, so far the evidence- or lack or it- seems to support that theory-that life here was a one in a zillion occurrence in our universe.

This theory also supports the idea that the universe was created by God or supreme being, who then created the Earth and it's inhabitants. While that would seem to be an un-scientific view of the universe, so far that scenario has as much plausibility as to an explanation of life in the universe as any other.

Flying saucer reports often play into the theory of alien visitation...but again, the evidence is not there to prove-or disprove-those theories. Just many personal accounts, which have no solid evidence as yet.

So far, to most scientists dismay, the hard evidence has not supported the theory of life being rampant and common in our part of the universe. Perhaps in the days and years to come this will become a moot subject... this has been a topic of research and interest since the 1940's, and as yet there has been no support to the theory of alien life for all these years. We await more-or any- evidence to make a final conclusion.

The reader is invited to draw their own conclusions and leave comments>


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