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Is this Education?

Updated on March 6, 2014

“We can’t play on the climbers or on the ice, we can only stay in one small area of the yard.” my son told me when I picked him up from school.
It was a winters day, but not too cold to keep the kids indoors, warm enough to be outside. But because the play structures may be slippery the children are not allowed to play on them. There was also ice on the ground because a couple of days prior, we had a slight thaw and now it froze again. The children are banned from playing on it because a child got slightly hurt, so now all children are prevented from walking or playing on it.
This is Canada, we are used to ice.

We hear about much stupidity in the school system here in Canada and in the USA.
For instance, in the USA there is a child suspended for three days because he made his fingers into a gun. In a daycare in Canada a toddler is suspended for three days because the parent sent a cheese sandwich with her. “This is because someone may be allergic to dairy” the parent was told. But to suspend these children for these things is utterly idiotic.

In California a few years ago children were sent outside in the heat of the sun without sunscreen by the teacher. The result was severe 3rd degree burns. The school simply said that, “we can not apply the sunscreen, it goes against regulations”. So I guess they feel it is best to let them burn so badly that they have to be hospitalized.

The school system is out of control. Children are continually encouraged to play outside, yet they are prevented from playing the way they want. Children get hurt, it is part of growing up. I had scrapes, cuts, bruises etc. I survived, I learned what I can and can not do and what I should and should not do. Children need the freedom to explore .

We also encourage and teach about healthy eating, yet we suspend them when the healthy food does not fall within the systems regimental implemented rules.

The rules must change. Parents entrust the staff with their children. When a child needs sunscreen then you best apply it, its about protection. When children play cops and robbers or army guys, let them play…a finger is not a real gun…Relax!
If a child brings a sandwich that may not be on the permitted list, then give him/her something else and write a reminder letter to the parent…don’t be stupid and suspend the child.

What about the no touch policy? Well let me tell you, that has also gone overboard. When two children give each other a hug, let it go. A hug is a hug. Isn’t it better than two kids fighting?
I heard stories about children being suspended, both in the USA and Canada for hugging. Seriously people, you need to chill out!

The education system is supposed to teach the children. You are to teach them from the curriculum that is given to you by the Province or State. You are not to teach your personal, religious or political views, you are to treat them like human beings and to keep them safe from bullies. Not from a friends hug, a finger or even a cheese sandwich.

You teachers work for the parents, not for yourselves. If you feel that the children are becoming more of a burden, then perhaps you need to find another line of work.
If you disagree with the stupid rules and regulations, then it is time for you all to speak up and force change.



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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      “we can not apply the sunscreen, it goes against regulations” - I think these words speak volumes. In my opinion, North America is drowning in regulations, laws and litigation. It's like the thief that tries to break into your house but slips on ice in the process and in the end, the thief can sue the home owner ... Just plain nonsense (to say the least).

      Teaching is a tough business nowadays - I know many teachers who are at the end of their patience with the system and the parents. Things will have to change soon because I think it is quite obvious things are not working well.

      On a side note, when I first landed in Canada and I saw kids putting their feet on the table and talking back to teachers (in public school), it was like some sort of separate reality. In my wildest dreams I would not have dared to do things of that sort ...

      Everyone talks about their "rights" - what about our "responsibilities"?

      Great article! Thank You for writing it. Will share.

      All the best! : )

    • thomasczech profile image

      thomasczech 4 years ago from Canada

      Yes thats true. I wish the schools would still allow children to use their imaginations. It is sad to see that our children's imaginations are being stifled, what will the future be like? Children growing up to be nothing but obedient, lazy robots?

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I sure agree with you, it is truly going crazy in the schools. A little boy in trouble for pretending to throw a grenade? Really who are these people that would make a big deal out of that? Maybe teachers need a special screening to see which ones have common sense before they are trusted with our children.