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Is this the New Great Depression

Updated on August 13, 2012

This is happening in our streets!!!!!

This is not peaceful assembly or protest
This is not peaceful assembly or protest | Source

I know, I know , the title might be a bit scary...



As I see it, you can look around and see the problems. You just have to look. And since we can see the problems, we must be able to deal with the problems. throughout time man has proven it's ability to solve problems, no matter what, it is in our genetics. Survival!!! The key to solving the problem is knowing what the problem is. In the current age of politics both Republicans and Democrats do not care what the problem is or how to solve it, they care about one thing only, YOUR votes. But that is a different topic.

This is what our youth think is respectful?

What has Gone So Wrong??

The thing we have seemed to lost in all the hogwash we see in the "economy" is, here in America We The People rule the land, and ourselves. Personal Responsibility. That is what we seem to be losing. My kids had a basketball game, they didn't keep score. They didn't want anybody to lose. Really, I'm not joking. No scoreboard. If we don't ever lose, we also can never win. And if we do not lose, we don't try harder next time to win!!!

The way I see it we are almost all in the places we are in life based solely off the decisions we make. In essence, poor people are poor because the choices made in their life, some even essential choices, but still their choices. On the other hand most rich people are rich because of the choices they have made. I don't teach my kids not to keep score, I kept score myself at every game. I worked on their approach to the game with them, and taught them that they wanted to win. They got better each game, and every day as they practiced. But I wasn't teaching them basketball, I can't play, I taught them that if they wanted to do something, they needed to learn to do it right and to the best of their abilities. I taught them that if they never gave up trying, they could shoot a basket.

Final Thoughts

That is the problem I see with society as a whole, everyone is too worried about what other people are doing to contribute to pay attention to their own situations. They were raised in this everyone wins keep no score system. They expect to get the same rewards no matter what their effort is. That is their choice. But society cannot afford to work that way. In fact this very FACT makes me question the motives of some political figures and contributors, to a point it sometimes scares me. We are in what I consider a hidden recession/near depression. By hidden I mean that the current "unemployment rate" is not even close to the real number and everyone knows it. Gas is outrageously high, and all commodities such as food and clothing has skyrocketed in price, yet the government still only claims a 2% inflation rate.

Am I saying we're doomed? No, not exactly. However we are on a course that will forever change America as we know it, and not in a good way, may I dare say. Something has to give. There is no doubt in my mind as I write this that we are in a sinking ship. We have to make the choice of how we come out of this wreck and build the new boat for our future generations. We know that socialism does not work. We also know, if we take the partisan bickering out of the equation that a center right capitalist system, such as that under presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush, work. If not hindered by overbearing regulations and rules in which those tasked to enforce those very rules cannot even understand them, capitalism is the only system known and tested by man that truly works. Where poor people live in houses, have cell phones, cars, flat screen TV's etc.. When you look around at the so called "fair share" ideas it would bring everyone down to the lowest level and that's where everyone without political influence would be. No houses, phones, TV's, and most importantly Choice.

Bottom-line is we have become dependent on the "right now" and lost our patience. Just like the markets, so does capitalist governments economy fluctuate, but it always rights itself if not hindered! We must stand up and be selfish, for the sake of the whole, instead of being altruistic. It simply does not work on a grand scale such as The United States.


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