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Let Us Dare To Dream

Updated on October 22, 2009


Namaste! The Summer is here. Let us stop and breathe in the sweet fragrances and beauty that Mother Nature so freely offers each of us and express our gratitude. Nature’s bounteous, colorful cornucopia reminds us that it is time to dream bigger. It is time to have our soul aroused, our magic awakened, and for our hopes to see the light of day. It is time to dare to dream because Dreams truly do come true.

May we never forget that there was a time when our life was magical, abundant, and blissful. We were light of body and spirit and there was nothing that we could not manifest. In our dreams and hidden yearnings we remember this time and seek to taste such sweetness and happiness once more. The little, or large miracles, that bless our lives which may seem as mere coincidence, or synchronicity, are reminders that “magic” is real and that we can attract “good things” and events in our lives. Actually, one reason we are on the earth is to learn to overcome the obstacles that block us from our hopes, dreams, prosperity and happiness.

There is a special guardian angel who has been with each of us since birth, and before, who watches over us. It is our destiny to meet and befriend this special angel. Our special angel knows of our “Greater Picture”, the lessons and experiences we chose to experience in this particular lifetime for our soul growth and evolution and is constantly sending guidance via our dreams, intuitions, gut feelings, hunches and the signs and circumstances that life presents to each of us. The more we invoke and call upon our guides for help, the more they are available for assistance. They even take on endearing names so that we can relate and feel them more personally. It is time to challenge and move past the limiting beliefs that restrict our relationship with spirit. Time to challenge our vices which cause numbness of soul and lethargy and create havoc, imbalance, and disharmony in our lives. Suffering, pain and sorrow are common companions to many of us. They are powerful teachers to be respected. Let us learn their lessons, accept their gifts and teachings then open our hearts to let Love, Prosperity, and Good Health in.

Be daring1 Be willing1 Be brave! Each of us holds the key to unlock the mystery, beauty, and wonder of our being. The deep inner “us”, holds in perfection the vision waiting to externalize! We are not alone, and we are very loved. Never forget this and may we soar in true freedom as the mighty eagle. May we radiate and give forth love, healing, smiles, and hugs to everyone: the trees, the faeries, our inner child, our plants. Our true essence is love. It is Summer! Let our hearts and souls be glad!

by Michael Dennis



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    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Yes we must dare to dream for then dreams do come true.

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 8 years ago from Colorado

      Couldn't agree with you more! Here's to the magic!