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It Is a Wonderful World

Updated on December 2, 2016

Our world is filled with living things doing wonderful tricks to compete for the right of existence. There are the flowers in all shapes and sizes filling the air with sweet fragrance and decorating the landscape with brilliant colors. There are the birds big and small while keeping the multiplying insects in control also managing to chirp in pleasant sounds in abundance. Cockroach and rat make their living in the dark and sewage scavenging on waste products without compliant. We, the human being, are not only capable of wonderful things, but the most wonderful thing of them all is knowing it. We are the only species on Earth who can recognize, appreciate, and intentionally perform wonderful things.


We are all different in our own small ways. We think a little different, perceive things a little different, possess different habits, have different preference as with whom to be intimate, etc. It is then not surprising that arguments, conflicts, and even fighting break out among people every now and then. In realizing one’s limited capabilities and narrowed points of view on life’s many challenges, majority of the people are able to look beyond the subjectivities to embrace other people’s values and efforts to form a community of diversity that make possible a functioning society for and by the people from all walks of life.


Only a rare few have the literary talent to write poetry, fiction, and other inspirational materials. Only a rare few have the musical talent to create sounds that lift the spirit and calm the psyche. Only a rare few have the artistic talent to paint images that open the mind and please the soul. But, we all appreciate the importance of the books that educate, inform, and record the intellect of the human race. We all appreciate the impact of music on our life – cheering us up when we are down, helping us to remember an innocent time of a bygone era, etc. We all appreciate the value of a work of art that add meaning to our living space, let us see a world that is more than Nature can offer, etc. This appreciation of the intangible, the idealism, and knowledge make our civilization continue to flourish and rich in diversity.


We all make mistakes, have bad habits, and above all, have sins – selfish acts, bad thoughts, cheat, lie, etc. Realizing that we all have flaws in one way or the other, we learn to tolerate other people’s bad behaviors by keeping a safe distance, we learn to tolerate other people’s unsavory intentions by keeping an eye on our back. We learn to tolerate the other people’s opinions as we strive to live a life that only we know how. We learn to tolerate the other people’s bad habits as we discreetly exercise our own obsessions. This ability to tolerate evolves into a man-made world of diversity, variety, and vitality just like Nature has intended.

Unconditioned Love

We are capable of many emotions and none is more important, powerful, and wonderful than the unconditioned love. There is the love of the mother to her children whence she will do anything for their protection and expect nothing in return. There is the love between the husband and wife whence each will share the inner most feelings and attain the union as one person. There is the love amongst close friends whence each will overcome one’s self preservation instinct to risk one’s own life for the others. Because of this wonderful emotion, our life becomes purposeful and meaningful, and is no longer just to live, survive, and reproduce.


During good and bad times, happy and sad moments, every now and then, we will use our imagination to act out our fantasies, to seek for solutions to our problems, and to make our world a better playground. Our imaginations have created wonderful works of art that enrich our living quarters and open windows to our souls. Our imaginations have created an ocean of literary works that inform, educate, and expand our visions of the unseen world. Our imaginations have created a man-made world of gadgets and mechanical devices that enable us to visit every corner of the Earth, to live in inhospitable environments, to eat delicatessens that quench our insatiable taste buds.


No doubt, there have been poverty, misery, and unspeakable crimes against one another. But, it is no small task that our civilization is still flourishing after more than 7000 years. It all started with the electrons circling around the atom in random but well-defined orbital, with the living cell that houses the DNA storing the design codes of the ancestors of all the living things on Earth, with the millions of species each with different abilities to seek out a living in the sometimes harsh and unforgiving environments, and finally, with the human being who is endowed with the ability to understand, appreciate, and explore these wonders of Nature. And, there is nothing more wonderful than the design of the human body and the wonderful things that it knows it can do.


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