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It’s Going To Happen Eventually So You Might As Well Learn Now

Updated on August 14, 2017

Hello and welcome to Audrey’s No Shit Survival Guide! Today we’re going to learn about one of the biggest changes that happens in one’s life: moving out on your own. And I don’t mean just going away to college to live in the dorm and stopping by home to do laundry for free every other weekend. I mean completely, 100%, totally living without your family.

For some of you, this probably seems like heaven, and for some of you, hell. For me, I couldn’t wait to get away until I was gone. Once I was out on my own, I realized maybe I had jumped in a little bit over my head. I learned the hard way that living by yourself isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. You will get homesick, even the strongest of us do eventually. It’s something we experience when the familiarities we once knew are taken away.

But hey, I don’t want to make this seem like moving out is one big sadness-parade. In fact, a lot of things about moving out are great. But there are some important things you need to know about leaving the nest that no-one is going to tell you straight. So that’s what I am here to do.


You're Probably Going To Want A Roommate

Maybe you don’t like people. Maybe you like your space, your quiet time. Maybe you don’t like cooking for more than one, or having strangers invited into your home. It doesn’t matter. You’re probably going to want a roommate.

There are so many benefits of having at least one additional living partner. Firstly, rent will be cheaper. Depending on where you live, rent can get pretty expensive. Big cities will cost much more than if you're living in a small town. If you split the cost between more than one person, you will be able to have a slightly nicer, and definitely bigger, place than you would be able to afford on your own.

Secondly, the chores won’t all be yours. Maybe that sounds a little petty, but if you live alone, you’re going to get sick of doing every single chore around whatever tiny place you manage to afford. It won’t be fun, that’s for sure. With multiple roommates, you can split the chores, or do them together.

Thirdly, the company really will be nice. You will get lonely, even if you like your space. It's just part of being human. Having someone around will help ease that, and will make moving out more bearable, especially if you're prone to missing your family back home.

You will get homesick, even the strongest of us do eventually. It’s something we experience when the familiarities we once knew are taken away.

Always, always, pay rent on time.

This seems to be a rather common-sense idea that people fall behind on. Save from each paycheck if you have to, but always pay rent on time. In fact, always pay everything on time. Pay back your credit card bills, pay back the friends you owe, pay your other bills. You don’t want to be known as the person who doesn’t pay for things. It will be a shadow that follows you around forever. If it means you have to circle the date on your calendar in big red sharpie, or set 17 alarms on your phone as reminders, do it. Just make sure to pay your dues.


Plan out your meals before grocery shopping

It makes grocery shopping easier. When you go to the grocery store without a plan in mind, it is easy to get lost among the junk food and boxes with colorful designs. It’s easy to end up buying a bunch of unhealthy snacks, and then not have any actual, good, filling meals for the rest of your week. If you plan ahead, lay out the meals you would like to prep on a daily basis, it will make the shopping less hectic, and make your entire trip go smoothly. It will help you spend less money on food you don't really need, and might regret buying later on. An added bonus, when you have a plan set, you can get in and out as quick as can be, and get back to watching netflix on your couch.

Live a Little

Don’t let living on your own turn you into a hermit. When living in a new area, where you do not know all the people, or the good places to eat, or the best place in the park to sit, it is easy to become overwhelmed and want nothing more than to curl up on your couch for days at a time, binge watching tv series after tv series. So don’t forget that it’s okay not to know everything, all the time. And don’t forget to live a little. Go try out that new falafel cart down the street, even if you don’t like the food. When that person from school asks you out to drinks, don’t make an excuse, just go! Take lots of walks, soak up the sun. Go on late night adventures when you can. Don’t let being alone scare you out of living your life.


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