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Tips: It's Never Too Late to Re-Invent Yourself

Updated on July 16, 2014
Try something new.
Try something new. | Source

Motivation to Re-Invent Your Life

"What happens to a dream differed? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" - Langston Hughes

It's never too late to chase your dreams or do what it is you are passionate about. Many people have taken this giant step in the later stages of their lives. This brings me to a conversation that I had with one of my co-workers. She was a 39 year old woman who was unsatisfied with her job of 10 years. I suggested that she go back to school and learn a new career or trade. She responded "I'm too old to start over." I replied "How long do you plan on living, maybe until you are 70-75 years old? If so you've got 35 more years of unhappiness and that's a long time!"

Jean Korelitz chronicled five women who chased after happiness. They followed their hearts.

-Nadereh Fanageian, a native Iranian, took up surfing at the age of 37. Five years ago, she moved from San Francisco to San Diego just to have better surfing waters.

-Gertrude Friedman went to college at the age of 40. After 30 years of trying to have a memoir published, she decided to self publish it.

-Janet Drake took African drum lessons in her late 50's and and began a group called "Woman Spirit & Drums.

-It wasn't until Connie Bowman was 40 years old before she went on her first professional acting audition.

-Although taking a huge pay cut, Susan Thompson changed careers from the financial world to working as an Adult Education Teacher. She says she is now happier and more fulfilled.

If you are wondering whether you can take the plunge and do something you have longed to, I will leave you with a quote from Nadereh Fanageian "If you want something and are passionate about it, there are no limitations!"

Create good fortune for yourself
Create good fortune for yourself | Source

When Is the Right Time

What Age Is Too Old to Return Back to School?

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How Do I Proceed?

Now that you have decided to chase the passion in your life, you are probably wondering where do I go from here? offers suggestions when forming a clear (new) future.

First, create a vivid mental picture of your new future. You must be able to see yourself in working in your new career. If you have been longing to live in another part of the country, imagine yourself immersed in the new climate or culture.

Secondly, bring your picture into clear focus. In bringing clarity to your dream, think about the benefits and rewards that you will gain by making this life change. What are the costs and barriers that you will face? What tasks need to be performed in order to achieve this life-change?

Thirdly, evaluate whether you are realistically capable of making this change.

Lastly, be determined and committed to making the change. This involves moving your picture or dream from the imaginary world into the physical world. Doing so requires you to give total commitment to achieving your goals and dreams.

Hiring a Life Coach will also help you to achieve your desired results. A coach's job is to help you clarify your goals. This person will not only be there to help you but to also hold you accountable during this process. When you want to veer off the path, your life coach will be there steer you back onto the right direction.

If you have belief, desire, and knowledge, you can accomplish many great things in life.

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