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It's World Teachers' Day Today!

Updated on October 5, 2011

There are different types of teachers around the globe today.

First in line are our parents. Of course, our parents serve as our primary teachers. However, beyond the years of our development, we begin to know our second parents in school, our teachers. There are some teachers who are strict, some who are loving, some who are lenient; no matter what kind of a person they may have been, one thing is for sure, one way or another, they have affected our understanding about life.

Every student has had his own share of having a favorite teacher.

AS for me, my favorite teacher was Ms. J. D.

She was known as the hardest, strictest teacher there was in school. Specifically demanding concentration from her students, she often makes us nervous even when we have prepared for the topic of the lesson she mentioned she would tackling, She was my teacher in history since my first year in high school and in English during my fourth year.

Even though history is not that much interesting for many, she is able to bring us into a state of interest that helps us engage with the discussion whenever we can.

When it comes to English, I'd say she's a perfectionist. On this part, she does use that attitude in a more productive manner, especially when it comes to motivating us complete our tasks effectively. I would say it was this attitude that she has that pushed me into becoming my best all the time....

... and I know that it is because of her being a unique teacher that I would always be indebted to her and her exceptional teaching skills.

Have a Great Teacher's Day Miss Dumayag :)


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