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The Business of Miracle Making

Updated on August 19, 2012

I recently signed onto my computer and went to my Facebook social media page. I posted a note asking if anybody could help me post blogs on the Facebook site. Minutes later I received a response from a client who I had not seen in several years-Tierra Jones. I was moved by her kind words: Michael, I love you. I would love to help you anytime you need it. Where are you located now? I work until 4 p.m. during the week and am free on weekends. I could come over straight after work or any time. Just let me know via here or call me."

Chills ran through me. I looked at Tierra's picture. At first I was a little taken aback at her so opening and bluntly saying that she loved me. We had not been in contact for a long time and were not really personal friends. I had always felt a connection with her, but never attempted to develop or pursue it. I looked at her picture and read her private message several times to make sure I was not imagining or making this up. After looking at Tierra's picture, I knew that she was speaking about spiritual love, which to me, is far more rewarding than human personal love.

"Thank you, Tierra, " I said, waving in the air as though she was standing nearby. I wondered what kinds of new and exciting experiences I was about to let myself get into. I could feel the giving and receiving spirit filling me and it made my soul very glad. I had done a lot of giving lately, and joyously so. I know that according to the 'Law of Attraction' that what we reap we sow. What we give comes back to us, and often many times fold. So it's always goodness and good karma to give, even if we only have small amounts of money to give. There are many other ways we can give as well. Our time. A compliment. A smile and so forth.

As I was basking in the giving 'feel good energy', about ten minutes later Tierra called and she said she would be glad to come over and help me with my Facebook and whatever else I needed help with. We set up a time for next Tuesday. God truly works in mysterious ways. Why can't God work through Tierra Jones or anybody else? I was filled with comfort, knowing that help was forthcoming. I would acquire the skills to create a wider and larger internet presence for my spiritual services and my books. It seems all we have to do is to put the request to the universe and the next thing, help is soon forthcoming. I really better watch what I ask for," I said, laughing out loud. "What if I ask for a dabbling or to indulge in a feast of human love again? Would I be ready for that? I don't know but I put my fingers over my lips and made sure not to utter that first word.

Mike the Psychic/Author

metaphysical books Morning Coffee With God and
God's Many Mansions available on


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