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Jackson Pollock- True Artist?

Updated on May 31, 2012

Jackson Pollock

I was actually writing a ghost blog earlier today about Jackson Pollock. As I thought back to my Art History class I remembered the debate about his work and how so many people say that it “looks like a two year old painted it”. I too was in agreement at one time. However, when you take a deeper look into the man behind the canvas you have to have some respect for the man.

Pollock liked the idea of democratic ethos and rhythmic form, the styles that Thomas Hart Benton created. Pollock, rather than using this style for his artwork though, had a more radical look. He was more left wing, having a working-class view of his artwork. Pollock liked to create his pieces using colorful splatters, dripping, or spraying. His work exhibited a natural appeal.

Pollock created art pieces to help or heal others. He would lay his paint into the “splatters” of meaningful color, and then he would have the troubled client lay in the paint. Laying in the paint allowed the pigment to absorb the pain, illness or negativity. Pollock would then destroy the painting, in turn destroying the problem. You cannot help but have respect for this artistic motivation.

So, Pollock’s work may look immature, but it is in way so. This is proof that art is much more than some people see.


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    • Manna in the wild profile image

      Manna in the wild 5 years ago from Australia

      When scientists analysed Pollock's paintings in order of creation, they found that a fractal measure called self-similarity converged towards an ideal as he got more expert at his craft, and a single painting took months to complete. So no, I don't think a two year old could do the same.

      Pollock died in 1956, before chaos and fractals were discovered.

      You can read more about this here:!/FRACTA...