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Japanese Traditions

Updated on March 21, 2016

I lived in Japan for two years, so I learned a lot about their culture and traditions. Before i went to Japan, I thought "just like every other country, it probably has some weird cultural things." However, when I first got to Japan and met some of the people, I realized how weird and interesting their culture and traditions truly are.

Surgical Masks in Japan

I was able to learn a lot about the Japanese culture because I lived there. There are a lot of weird traditions that the Japanese people have but in my opinion, the weirdest one is wearing surgical masks. When I got on the airplane to go to Japan, every Japanese person was wearing a surgical mask. It really scared me because I thought that everyone was sick with some deadly disease. Legitimately everyone in Japan wears these surgical masks, which is unheard of in the United States. After doing some research and talking to multiple Japanese people, I learned that there are many reasons why they wear these masks. Obviously one of the reasons is to prevent them from getting sick, but many people dont know the main reason that they wear the masks. The main reason they wear them is because they are sick and they dont want to get other people sick. It just proves how nice Japanese people are.

The second weirdest cultural thing that in Japan is the toilet slippers. Every time you walk into a bathroom, you have to take off your shoes, leave them outside the door and put on toilet slippers. After you go to the bathroom, you have to take off the slippers, leave them in the bathroom and put on your normal shoes. Those slippers are never suppose to leave the bathroom. They always stay by the door for whoever uses the bathroom.


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