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Japanese phrases useful for making friends

Updated on March 14, 2013


The Japanese language is spoken in Japan and also overseas but on a much smaller scale. Japan happens to host some of the best learning institutions in the world. It is therefore common to find foreign students going to Japan to advance their studies. Living in Japan will definitely require you to learn the Japanese language. The right Japanese phrases will help you make as many friends as you could possibly want. It is important to make Japanese friends when you are living in Japan. This will help you interact with them fully and to learn the culture of the Japanese people.

The Japanese people still have, despite the modernity and level of civilization associated with the Japanese country, deep entrenchment in their culture, fashion, and lifestyle. If you want to learn the right Japanese phrases, it is most important to first understand the Japanese language. You can use your language to get a few friends to start the learning process with. Once you have a few native Japanese friends, then you can use them to learn the language and to perfect on it by practicing the language with real people - your friends.

Useful Sentences

It's lovely weather today. - 今日は素晴らしい天気ですね。 - きょうはすばらしいてんきですね

It's beautiful today. - 今日は素晴らしい天気ですね。 - きょうはすばらしいてんきですね

It's raining today. - 今日は雨ですね。 - きょうはあめですね

It's cloudy today. - 今日は曇りですね - きょうはくもりですね

It's sunny today. - 今日は晴れですね - きょうははれですね

It's cold today. - 今日は寒いですね - きょうはさむいですね

It's hot today. - 今日は暑いですね - きょうはあついですね

It's humid today. - 今日は湿っぽいですね。 - きょうはしめっぽいですね

The sky is so clear today. - 今日は空がとてもきれいです。 - きょうはそらがとてもきれいですね

I want air conditioning. - エアコンが欲しいです。  - エアコンがほしいです

How about we go outside? - 外に行きませんか? - そとにいきませんか?

How about we go to the park? - 公園に行きませんか? - こうえんにいきませんか?

How about we go to the beach? - ビーチに行きませんか? - ビーチにいきませんか?

How about we stay home? - 家にいませんか? - いえにいませんか?

Sounds fun! -  楽しそうね! - たのしそう ね!

Sounds good. -  よさそうね! - よさそう ね!

Let's do it! -  やりましょうよ! - やりましょう よ!


For students studying the Japanese language, to be able to communicate with fellow Japanese school mates and probably hang out with them, they need to learn these useful phrases to achieve this. Without knowing the language it might prove very difficult to even attend a Japanese party to have fun with their school mates. Dating a Japanese girl or guy might prove even trickier for the foreigner. Imagine you not being able to communicate with the girl you love so much because of a language barrier. This is unacceptable and this calls for all the determination you can master to help you learn the language.

However difficult the Japanese language might be, dedication and the right teacher can help you master the language in no time. The right phrases will help you communicate in the foreign environment and make a few friends to help you out in times of loneliness. The materials to help you learn the language might not be enough and the Japanese speakers might be rare but with the social media places, it is much easier for you to find a Japanese native to help you learn the language, especially the right skills that can help you make friends.


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 5 years ago

      Great Hub. I would say all of the phrases are extremely useful whenever you would be visiting Japan. You make a great point about not being able to communicate with your girlfriend. Although I suppose in some ways it means you can't be told off!


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