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Jogos Indigenas

Updated on September 19, 2014

There was a time

when there were only 2,000 people on this planet (the rest were animals); What would 2,000 people have to fight over? Resources were more than abundant. And yet the first parents were ostracised from nature; and then one brother killed another; and on it went until a soldier killed a man (not looking for food) but for more formulas beyond the calculus...And since then we have never been able to stop; to stop time; to stop chattering; and to stop traffic...


And then an angel

took pity on us, and did something unimaginable in her world: she became flesh and took on the mantle of mortality in a bid to understand the blindness that sees and the seeing which is blind, hoping perhaps that her research might inspire her master to correct the retina or where ever the problem lay.

But the angel misjudged, the humans mistook her for an aberration of themselves and did research upon her, probing her, dissecting her and dismembering her...And finally burning the parts to ensure she would never return. But the humans — who by now had become ugly ogres and welded scraps from junk heaps — misjudged the angel having not understood the multiple natures of light...

The smoke did rise from the angel's burning body forming a sign and sending a signal to her Master who was the creator of the light that was the form of the shape of all things including their substance which was imperceptible to the jaundiced eye of humans who were distracted by colour and image.


And here the smoke

of the angel mingled with something in the sky and formed a new species of cloud hitherto unknown by the descendants of that first scientist who founded the calculus...and a rain did pour, and a flood did flow, made not of ordinary waters — no these were bitter waters, very bitter waters forcing the humans with the jaundiced eye to howl and screech like maddened banshees as the bitter waters burned their skin to the bone upon contact...

Never had suffering like this ever been heard since those early days when the tribes of man numbered only 2,000. What little room could be found in caves of high altitude sheltered a few souls in those last days, some say 144, 000, some say much less; And this finally put an end to that disease which began with the first parents and ended with the last rainbow...

Published on Sep 4, 2014

Teaser do filme "Jogos Indígenas", de Thiago Frade e Alexandre Magno, que estará concorrendo na Mostra Brasília do 47º Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro.

Trailer for the film "Indigenous Games" directed by Thiago Frade and Alxandre Magno, which will be competing in the "Mostra Brasilia" of the 47th Festival of Brazilian Cinema in Brasilia.


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