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Johileny’s Journey – Honor Student – Homeless – Cerebral palsy

Updated on December 5, 2014

Johileny - Honor Student

flicker | Source

Homeless Teen

Johileny and her mother came to the United States in 2008 from the Dominican Republic so that Johileny could receive hamstring lengthening due to her Cerebral palsy but something went wrong with the surgery, and she hasn’t been able to walk without unrelenting pain ever since her doctor accidentally hit a nerve. Because of the complication, they had to stay in New York, so she could receive ongoing medical treatment.

Johileny’s mother always wanted the best for her daughter, and she fought the school system to place her in mainstreamed classes. The school system gave in and let Johileny take regular classes. Johileny’s mother knew her daughter could do it & Johileny proved it. Even with the loss of her mother Johileny has managed to keep a 94.7 grade-point average.

There needs to be a “gofundme” for this girl she deserves to go to college and make her and her mother’s dreams come true. So her brother can have a better life and her grandmother.

Go Fund Me

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Nominate for Push Girl!!!

colours Wheelchair Zephry
colours Wheelchair Zephry | Source

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Johileny - Roll Model

In 2010, Johileny’s mother passed away Johileny ended up staying at the homeless shelter that she, and her mother were living at before she passed.

Johileny said that “From a very early age in life, she was assumed to be less than others,” and so going to college will absolutely prove that she can and will follow her dreams no matter what anyone thinks.

Johileny lives with her grandmother who is currently fighting cancer and her little brother in the shelter.

flicker | Source

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Social worker Wayne Harris is trying to help Johileny win scholarships and financial aid, without those there’s no way this bright and gifted student could ever afford to pay for college on her own.

I’m in awe of this young lady, who has a dream and a vision and all she needs is a little help, and she’ll get her medical degree you just watch and see.

Johileny's Dream

I don’t understand why a college doesn’t just say come on we’ll pay your way as long as you keep your grades up.

Do you realize how hard it is to live with Cerebral palsy and then have your world, your mom pass away and be alone living in a shelter with your sick grandmother and little brother? She has a lot to deal with but still manages to get awesome grades.

If you have a ton of money and want to invest it in a young lady who has already proven her worth this is the girl! I hope this article will help Johileny.

I hate to see someone’s dreams die because they can’t afford an education. Education should be priority one and higher education should be reasonable for people so more people can go to college especially disabled people who NEED to earn higher pay checks so they can pay for PCA’S and wheelchairs, doctor visits, hospital stays. It costs more for people who are challenged to live than anyone else. | Source

Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way

American Dream

Please spread this article around and I’ll see if I can reach out to her and get a gofundme started. If you know her personally please suggest this as an option.

Almost forgot she can get her nerves burnt off so the nerve pain will go away so she can walk again with her crutches. I’m assuming doctors haven’t mentioned it because she’s on Medicare/medicad (I’m assuming) as she has absolutely no money.

Johileny is also young enough to have the selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery that will improve the quality of her life 100%. Doctor Parks
does the surgery at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She should consider talking with them and see if she is a candidate. They remove spasticity so that she can learn to use all of her muscles. Spasticity causes muscle groups to become stiff and it’s very hard to get them to do what you want when you want. I want her to have a long medical career and not have CP get in the way of that.

I’m pretty sure Medicare pays for most of it and then Medicaid will pay the rest.

As we age CP gradually worsens with “overuse” syndrome, arthritis sets in sooner, chronic pain. There’s still not any good muscle relaxer on the market for the majority of Cerebral palsy patients and pain killers just dope people up.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy changes all of that and makes it easier to exercise and be healthy & most of all stay pain free.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy SDR Megan Vernon 2 years post op

Invisible Innocence: my story as a homeless youth

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy First Year Post Op

Before you answer remember criminals in jail get to go to college for free.

Should A College Pay for Tuition for this Exceptional Young Lady?

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