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Join icici learning matrix at campus

Updated on January 27, 2014

Boost your career with ICCI learning matrix

The banking industry is undergoing drastic changes now days. Gone are the days, when there were several employees in the banks. With the arrival of computers and internet, manual work in the banks has become less. Computers have started taking up the roles of human beings. ICICi group is a leading financial services group in India who has been a pioneer in bringing about revolutionary changes in the banking and the financial industry. Learning matrix is a learning platform for its employees. The program has been started as a joint venture by SumTotal Systems,which is a global provider of talent and learning management solutions and NIIT limited as an Enterprise application for the elearning needs of ICICI employees.

The ICICI group is a major financial services group in India and it comprises of several companies like ICICI Bank Ltd., ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co., ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company and ICICI Securities LTD. It has about 59,000 employees across19 countries. Through the learning matrix platform, a cost effective and easy management education system which makes education and management training accessible to employees. The Sum Totals learning is available in multiple time zones and in several languages. ICIC Ibank has implemented the learning matrix in several countries like Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, Bahrain etc,

Get the cutting edge technology with learning matrix

The learning matrix program launched by the ICICI group is beneficial to students in many ways. It consists of more than 250 e-modules. The course duration is over 800 hours of learning material. The learning matrix course syllabus deals with a range of topics like products of the group, processes, etc. They also learn about various regulatory and compliance norms. In short the learning modules prepare the students for a high flying career in banking and financial services.

Course modules in learning matrix

The course modules in the learning matrix program deal with practical aspects of banking. It teaches students basics like the “What, Why and How” of Banking. After successfully completing the course through self learning, students can take up jobs in banking and financial sector.


Some of the e-modules of the learning program are as follows:

  • An Introduction to Banking
  • Banking operations –General (Overview of Banking, Macroeconomics, Retail banking)
  • Processes in banking (branch operations like dealing with cash, helping clients to open bank accounts, remittances etc)
  • Compliances in Banking(dealing with Audits, KYC, Anti money laundering)
  • Products and services offered by the Banks (Prudential, Forex, Insurance etc)

In addition to these e- modules, there are also modules dealing with business etiquettes, negotiation skills, aptitude tests which come under behavioral and skill management training. The course also teaches students about bankers selling skills, quality management like Six sigma, Five S , All about waste etc.

The learning matrix also deals with aspects of rural banking like Rural economy and related issues, Credit card for Kissans, how to maintain business correspondence with rural clients. In short, the programme equips the students to learn the ABC’ sof banking converting them to be a complete banker.


Obtain E-certificates for each module

Students can choose the modules for self learning. After each learning module, there is a confirmation test. If the students are able to score about 80% in the test, they will be awarded e – certificates for the respective modules. It is up to the colleges to identify the modules that are relevant to the students and intimate them.

ICICI offers e-learning course, blended course, and short term courses for students. You can register online for the course and learn at your own pace. After registering yourself at the site, you can login with your learning matrix password and start learning online the basics of banking.

The learning matrix program is carried out as a partnership with Academia. Through this partnership iCICI bank is creating a talent pool across the country. It also has a special faculty development program. The course module includes several innovative learning methodologies like learning with fun. You can learn how to open saving account form or help your clients in opening one through the Advance outbreak Force.Then there are Crystal quest, Fling stones, Cash detectives and much more.

So opt for an e-learning module from The learning matrix to become a banker .

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of ICCI Learning Matrix

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ICCI learning vs Monster College

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