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Join the Wellness Revolution!

Updated on January 28, 2015
Favorite Swimming hole!
Favorite Swimming hole!

Is life worth living for you?

Yesterday, I worked out in the gymnasium and after words my body felt really good. I could bend over easier (I’m getting a little out of shape) and it was even easier to put my shoes and socks on. Is still suffer from mid belly bulge, a condition for those of us that love food and don’t know how to quit eating.

My wife’s cousin came to visit us here in Northern California. He lives in Sitka Alaska. He said the reason he wanted to visit us is because we played old time music. We spent time playing fiddle, guitar and mandolin and sharing songs. Yes life was definitely worth living. It was just plain old good time fun


Golf anyone?

The golf course I like to play at is about twenty minutes away. When I go play golf it is always fun and always makes me thankful for being alive. Usually I see deer and turkeys and an occasional goose on the golf course I go to. I miss going with others. When I lived in a different town I had a golf friend or two. Here no one has wanted to golf with me, yet. It could be because I have two rules when I golf with someone and the people here don’t like my rules.

The rules are:

1. You can’t give me any advice on what I’m doing wrong; and

2. Unlimited mullligans.

A mulligan is where you make a bad shot and drop another ball and do it over. I don’t care if I keep score or not. I like to just play and have fun. It’s good exercise and it’s always a challenge to put that little ball in a hole some 100-550 yards away. My uncle called it cow-pasture pool. When I play I feel more like life is worth living.

future guitarist
future guitarist
a family event
a family event

Visits from and to Kids!

My kids live in towns some 550 to 800 miles from where I live. I enjoy seeing pictures of them on Facebook. I’ve tried to get them to skype me but they are usually too busy. For me that’s an 11 to 16 hour drive to visit with them. I love to visit them and enjoy them when I do go, but my trips are usually only once a year. Times have changed. When I was a kid, we visited my grandparents (some 150 miles away) almost every weekend. I felt close to my Grandad and my grandmothers. On the trip we would stop and visit uncles and aunts (My mothers brothers and sisters) and their progeny.

Now when I go to visit I don’t hardly know my brothers and sisters kids. When I get to know them and when we play music together it’s always one of the things that makes life worth living.

Heal yourself!

As I get older I think if I tune into my body and exercise and don’t overeat, I feel better. I think our bodies can heal themselves if we have any aches and pains anywhere. It has been my experience. Of course I get lots of help from a loving wife and from many natural products that make me feel better.

There is a revolution going on and I think I’m becoming part of it. It is the heal yourself stay away from the doctors revolution. I think doctors have their place. If I brake an arm or a leg it is nice to get help from them, but I don’t like the pharmaceuticals they are handing out. Many of them have more bad side effects than you can count with a stick.

My purpose in writing this blog is to get you to think about your health. What are you doing to stay young and healthy. Leave me a comment.


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