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Journey in Surrealism

Updated on June 25, 2015
Shaman | Source

Mushroom Bracelet

Mushroom Bracelet
Mushroom Bracelet | Source

Shaman (Someone Who Knows)

¨What is it?¨ I asked.

¨Oh, it´s a mushroom bracelet,¨

I was waiting my turn to get a hair cut at a barber shop, that day.

Insistently, i kept staring at the mushroom bracelet. I had seen a few of them before; the decoration in them was not too familiar to me.

Noticing that this guy had another two mushroom bracelets; one on each upper arm, I send the following question.

¨Do you sell them, ¨ I inquired amicably.

¨No, I got it from a shaman (someone who knows) the day I went to Valle de Bravo, ¨ he said calmly.

¨So, they sell this kind of bracelets there,? ¨ I wanted to know.

¨Not exactly, a shaman gives them to you before eating mushrooms, ¨ he clarified.

Psilocybe mexicana

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms | Source
Dragon | Source

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

¨Mushrooms! I exclaimed with amazement.

¨Yes, if you intend to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms, you have to go first to a shaman; he will indicate which kind of mushrooms are more apt for you, so you can have the best experience, ¨ he explained.

¨So, you ate mushrooms, and did you like the experience, I queried, knowing that his extroverted personality would give an ample over view of the surrealistic journey.

¨Not at all! ¨ He exclaimed with surprise, ¨after I was given the right ones, I went to the banks of the lake and lied there; after a while, I began to hallucinate. I saw the water warping in front of me; below the revolving water, the figure of a strange creature began to emerge. The animal, like a dragon, started to cross the surface of the water. I became totally shocked when the creature sprung above the surface of the water, growing immense in front of me.¨ he concluded with a grin of terror on his face.

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Have you Eaten Hallucinogenic Mushrooms?

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¨That´s cool! ¨ I exclaimed, ¨it seems as if taken out from a science fiction movie, to me.

¨Have you eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms? ¨ He inquired uninterestingly.

¨Never, ¨ I communicated, recollecting in my mind past event when a man gave a dish of something, ¨ or I don´t really know! I said with uncertainty.

This was the coolest! Recount about mushrooms that I had ever heard. I had heard a few before, but none had transported me into the very setting of the story.

The Country

The Country
The Country | Source

Walking Through the Country

¨So, where did you go to the mountains last summer,? I asked my nephew.

¨No, I went to eat mushrooms with my cousins, ¨ he conveyed.

¨Really, and you were given a bracelet there, ¨ I inquired cheerfully.

¨Yes, take a look, ¨he extended his hand, showing me the bracelet.

¨It´s different from other ones I have seen, ¨ I expressed.

¨Yeah! ¨you don´t always get the same one, as there are many kinds of mushrooms for distinct kinds of personalities, ¨ he clarified.

¨What did you see during your mushroom trip,? ¨ I inquired animatedly.

¨It was a cool experience; we arrived in the morning with a bunch of things inside our backpacks, ¨

¨With what purpose,? ¨ I interrupted.

¨They accept cloths and other things in exchange of mushrooms, ¨he indicated.

¨Oh, I see! ¨I said briefly, granting him the gift of speech.

¨Well, after meeting the shaman, his wife gave me a dish of mushrooms; I ate them all; then me and my cousins left. While walking through the grass in the country, I began to notice that the flowers were moving and greeting me; the grass became greener and I was concerned about stepping on it; I did not want to destroy this kind of landscape, ¨ he concluded.

Fire Burning
Fire Burning | Source

Watching the Fire Burning

This two recounts gave me and external insight on what it really is to ingest hallucinogenic mushrooms. Both of them, if embodied in a canvas, could easily be hanging on the walls of an art shop or a museum.

In 1990, I was living 30 miles (48 km) away from my hometown. I remember one day just before twilight someone knocking at my door;

Toc, toc!

¨Who is it,? ¨I asked, opening slightly the door.

¨I´m your neighbor, I have a gift for you, ¨ he expressed amicably.

Stretching his hand, he gave me a dish of something.

¨it´s a dish of mushrooms, ¨ he said, ¨they´re good, you should eat them, ¨ he stated and left.

I took the dish and sit by a fire that I had prepared minutes before. I started tasting the contents of the dish. Watching the fire burning, I began to concentrate on the flames; they were coming up from the pieces of coal under them; the colors were yellowish to reddish and blue.

From the top of the flames, chunks of smoke could be seen raising towards the ceiling of the house. That day, I was relaxed and had some time for introspection, but I never saw anything rare nor objects moving nor creatures coming to get me.

Additional Information

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Psilocybin mushrooms contain psychedelic compunds (psilocybin and psilocin).
There are more than 100 species of genus Psilocybe.
In the present, mushrooms are eaten for spiritual and recreational reasons due to their psychedelic effects.
Hallucinogenic mushrooms can produce euphoria, alter thinking, create images with eyes opened or closed, alter the sense of time and cause spiritiual experiences.
They have been used by cultures since prehistory.
Shaman is a man, which in some cultures practices healing by the use of natural products, invokes the spirits.They are consulted by people who need advise and guide.
Psilocybin Mushrooms


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 2 years ago from Mexico City

    I mean that The contents of the dish were another exotic piece of food. I was not aware of what they would cause in the brain.

  • Zodiacimmortal profile image

    Kim 2 years ago from Yonkers, NY

    You mean like when a person for whatever reason ends up becoming depressed for what (to them) seems no reason?