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Judy Garland Speaks Through Michael Dennis

Updated on December 3, 2009


The inspiration for this communication with Judy Garland came one evening some years ago when I was listening to a Liza Minelli concert tape. What a wonderful entertainer! I sighed. “Oh, how we have been blessed to have such people. What would the world be like without them? The song “There’s no business like show business” went through my mind. After the last song was completed, I meditated for awhile. Thinking about the music filled me with feelings of nostalgia for times I had sung in the past. Some time later I opened my eyes, and saw an image of Judy Garland in front of me. “Judy,” I exclaimed. “Am I having a dream about Judy Garland?”

A voice spoke in my mind. “Call it what you will. This is Judy and I would love to say some things to you.”

“It would be an honor to have “Miss show business” share some of her thoughts.”

I went to the computer and wrote the following:

“Greetings, everyone from Judy! There are truly so many wonderful lands beyond the rainbow with myriads of beautiful colors to behold and enjoy. The imagination can barely begin to capture them. Deep within the recesses of the heart and soul of each person lies the knowledge of these “over the rainbow” realms where the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true, just like the song says. The soul knows such realms are real and this partly accounts for the enormous unparalleled success of the The Wizard of Oz, that got my career launched and led me to stardom. No matter how many movies I made or shows and concerts I performed, audiences always insisted that I sing Somewhere over the Rainbow. They still wanted to hear me sing it when the affects of the drugs had taken quite a toll on my voice and I no longer had that pure lyrical innocent sound that I had when I made, The Wizard of Oz. I am so proud to have been able to feed the soul, heart and imagination of so many people with my music and to grant them a little return to the realm of magic and dreams to ease their busy sometimes stressful daily lives.

“No, I have not forgotten my wonderful fans and friends who are still living on the earth. On the contrary I still love you one and all and I often look in upon folks on the earth. How my heart tingles with joy when I see a twenty, thirty, fifty or even eighty year olds watch The Wizard of Oz with friends or family. Sometime, if I look real closely I can catch a glimmer of that twinkling glow that lights up their faces; that glow that so radiated from their faces often a half century ago.

“Everybody has their favorite scenes and characters. Some love Glinda the good witch. Others love the scarecrow and tin man and others prefer the cowardly lion and the munchkins. Each character had their particular qualities and lessons to teach. Film can be a grand tool for educating as well as entertaining people. It was certainly great fun and a pleasure to work with everyone. It was all so magical. I have thought about midgets and dwarves many times. I think one of the reasons midgets and dwarves so intrigue and create an aura of mystery and wonder is because they look like both a child and an adult. These “little people” as they are sometimes referred to, can have a way of making the bigger folks come down a little and reconnect with the child part of themselves. Many of them have high pitched voices and speak like children which further adds to the mystique.

“As many of you have read or heard about me, I always had an insatiable curiosity and a grand love for life. Exploring many different things greatly appealed to me. You might call me a “big spirit.” That would be a compliment to me. Yes, I admit that I could be an air headed gemini, with thoughts running through my brain faster than the fastest freight train, or the Atkinson, Topeka and the Santa Fe can truck down the track to add some humor. I also had a fair amount of fire in me as well along with water, which made me very sensitive. I was always on the go. So much to do. So much to accomplish. I do regret that I did not slow down more and make more time for myself. Had I done more inner exploration, I might not have needed to get so hooked on all those pills which contributed greatly to my downfall, poor health and ultimate demise.

“I did undergo analysis and therapy on more than one occasion but never took it seriously enough to make much progress. My pills were my therapy, or at least they numbed me from the pressures of my life, and it’s to my disadvantage that I did not make more effort to give them up. There are other outlets for the bursting creative fires that burn inside artists of more intense temperaments. Writing is one such outlet and it was an interest I should have developed more instead of mere dabbling in poetry, stories, and some other things. Music is definitely another such outlet and one that was always dear to my heart and soul.

“Music gave me much joy and consolation on the earth as it equally does in the spirit realm where I presently dwell. Up here the music is much sweeter and more beautiful than you can imagine. Let me say that it is possible for the spirit ears to hear music that the physical ears do not hear, just as many animals can hear far better than people. A few people have developed their inner or spirit hearing to marvelous degrees. One such person was Beethoven. This ability was so developed and perfected by this genius, that even after he became totally deaf, he was still able to hear music in his mind and spirit and compose beautiful music.

“Do not be discouraged! You can sensitize yourselves to hear the most beautiful heavenly music which is often referred to as “the music of the spheres.” Many of your composers hear this music of the spheres, although there is much they will never hear because the limited hearing range prevents people in physical bodies from hearing many of the tones, notes, and sounds which are frequently heard by sensitive spirits who have developed their soul faculties sufficiently. Not all spirits can hear the celestial music though. There are many spirits who have not developed the sensitivity to perceive such beautiful heavenly music. It would benefit many spirits to sit in on a few music appreciation classes. And yes, such classes do exist in Heaven, as there are classes for every subject you can imagine, and many which you have never dreamed of.

“I need not go into the benefits and healing properties of music. Many books have been written on the subject, and many studies reveal how music can soothe body, mind, and soul. There are even music therapists both here and on the earth who work with troubled souls.

“Often when you think about us we are also thinking about you and we are nearby. You may call such an experience a mere flight of fancy. We don’t care what you call it as long as you allow some of us spirits to make contact. By the way there are many spirits who are still very involved with and attracted to the earth. We are eager to share thoughts and ideas which we hope will assist people to live fuller enriched lives and help eradicate some of the ignorance so prevalent there now. On this spirit side of life, no longer hindered from the shackles of the cumbersome physical body which can restrict the soul and mind faculties, there are so many more lovely vistas to behold with our expanded spirit vision. We can perceive things that most people rarely sense except perhaps in moments of intuitive hunches and flashes.

“It is natural that many of us are desirous to remove the veil that separates your world from ours, and we invite you to listen to us as we are glad to listen to you as well. Like Marilyn Monroe said, I too am not merely satisfied with the love from Heaven. I very much enjoy the company of earth friends as well. I am truly grateful for the contacts I have made here. We, like you, are ever forming new friendships as we grow and evolve.

“One of the reasons we are making more appearances to those sensitive enough to be receptive and welcome us, is because we are inspired by your invention of advanced computer technology which now enables millions of people to be in contact with millions of other people around the globe all in the span of a few moments. It is simply amazing how you can push a few buttons on a machine and talk to nearly anyone, anywhere at any time. What ingenuity! The Internet has proven that far away need not exist anymore, and that one can now have friends lovers, business associates, and so forth in every state and in many countries of the world.

“I’d like to simply take this a little further and tell you that not only can you communicate with people around the globe via Internet, but through connecting with “the inner net”, as we like to call it up here, you can expand your communication to include Heaven, and many worlds, planets, and other realms beyond the third dimension and the earth. I wish Internet had been around when I was there. I always loved to talk and spent a lot of time and money on the telephone when there were times my voice needed to be preserved for an upcoming concert. The computer would have allowed me to have my cake and eat it too.

“I encourage you to be open-minded about the possibility of spirit communication on telepathic mental levels even if you have never experienced it. That does not make it invalid or untrue. Many of your parents or grandparents would have thought it ludicrous and ridiculous if someone had told them their grandchildren would be able to hook up a computer and have a conversation with someone thousands of miles away for a monthly minimal fee. They remember when phone rates were very high to speak with someone abroad.

“My sales pitch for spirit communication is that you can talk with fellow spirits who are thousands or even light years away for no cost at all. I am happy to admit that many people are doing so on a regular basis, so you are not as alone as you might think you are if you are hearing friendly familiar voices from beyond. Let me advise you, those are the only ones you wish to make contact with. There are many frivolous and mischievous spirits who would be more than glad to make your acquaintance. Many can impress you with their knowledge and might even tell you where someone’s missing ring is, but in time their true nature will reveal itself. A spirit can lie and claim it is Ben Franklin or Napolean when it could be some dumb gambler or bum who had once read a book about Napolean or Franklin or had an interest in history in school. But like our teachers tell us here, “By their fruits you will know them. A pure spirit only wishes to enlighten and share knowledge and information that will uplift, encourage and empower. So use discretion and discernment when you open yourselves up to spirit contact. There are many qualified teachers who can coach and guide you in your spiritual awakening. And if you are prone to partake of drugs or alcohol, please refrain during spiritual training. This weakens your auric shield and creates a gateway for malevolent spirits to enter. In extreme cases possession can occur.

“I hope that you can believe in the possibility that some of you are already acquainted with some of us, and that you meet us in dream and reverie time in what I like to call “the magic body.” The soul is very active while you sleep. Do you think it could possibly enjoy being inactive and dormant for eight hours a night while your body rests and sleeps? What a waste of time that would be. During sleep everyone is freed to some extend from the physical body, and I might add, that many indeed embark upon some “over the rainbow” magical journeys so to speak. Some of you even fly. Why do you think people say they have flying dreams? It is because their spirits often are really flying. The soul knows that flying or soul flight is one of its means to travel.

“In movies and stories, instead of having a magical character literally flying in the air, most will feel the need to create a prop such as the witch’s broom, a magic carpet, or some such thing. So often when I look in on people at some of the movie houses, you will see twinkling, glowing eyes on various faces when the magical characters take to the sky and soar. Even though most adults can only accept the magic as a creation of the imagination, still, some of their eyes will be glowing too. As for the children, now they are smarter, and know that magic is real, and that flying is natural to the soul. This is why so many of them lift their little arms up, pretending to be an airplane or flying an airplane when they play. They will lift their arms out and pretend they are flying. How many of you used to beg your parents or whoever to lift you and give you airplane rides when you were little. The children know so much more than they are given credit for.

“As for the adults, well they have not entirely lost contact with their inner child and that childlike fascination for flying. They will experience their love for flying through hang gliding, being on an actual airplane, riding the big roller coasters, ferris wheels at amusement parks, and the popular sport-bungy jumping and diving. People will pay additional prices at amusement parks for that short time of being so high in the air. Mankind would not have invented the airplane if there were not an innate recognition and feeling of kinship to the sky and the freedom of flight.

“The soul knows that its original home is the sky and the realm of spirit. This is partly why star and moon gazing are so popular. It also explains people’s fascination with angels and birds. Angels have wings and they fly. Birds have so much more freedom of movement and they can span hundreds of miles when they migrate. The soul likewise knows that its destiny is not to be limited within the confines of a third dimensional physical body. It can soar and travel the Heavens and to many realms and dimensions. It has many means at its disposal by which to do so; the popular mode of astral travel being only one. The soul knows that it is vast; this explains why people are so attracted to the sky as well as the waters. The oceans are vast as well and another one of the soul’s natural homes; a reason why sailing, skiing, surfing, scuba diving and other water sports are so popular.

“Are you with me? Am I making sense? Cannot some part of your spirit sense and relate to some of the things I am saying? I am aware that some of these concepts may sound a little strange. I can understand how strange some of these ideas may sound, but let me remind you that truth is much more relative than you tend to believe. Concepts now commonly held and accepted as truth have not always been so. The old idea that the world was flat is a good example. The belief that the earth was the center of the universe was another. Some old timers still don’t believe man has ever been on the moon. Many of the greatest artists, scientists and minds have been considered a little crazy. Some were considered insane.

“To be a little crazy is not a vice. As long as you keep your sense of humor, you will never go astray. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that life is really one big movie. The world is truly one big stage. We all create our scripts, settings, don our costumes and then attract the players. Unlike movies in the final versions, you get to constantly shape and reshape your characters and you can even change your endings as many times as you feel like it. That’s kind of neat, don’t you think?

“The domains of dreams and magic is not as foreign to humanity as some people think. In spite of the rigid insistence to accepting and believing in magic, it nonetheless abounds in many ways, shapes and forms. The success of The Wizard of Oz and many songs, films, computer games, books and other media attest to the need and belief in magic. There is much truth revealed or concealed, depending on how you look at it, in even in The Wizard of Oz. The profusion of so many bright colors one sees in the varied costumed scenes, in munchkin land, in Dorothy’s ruby slippers, that bright yellow brick road, and magic of that colorful rainbow all serve to stimulate soul memories. It reminds you of the time when your soul dwelled (and will dwell again) beyond the rainbow in ethereal lands where the colors were far brighter, magical and more beautiful than the colors on the earth. There is so much to the soul that is hidden to the ego. It knows of its experiences before it decided to take on human form. As far out as it may seem, the soul is not limited to expression in the human body. There are so many kinds of information and knowledge available to those curious and brave enough to journey into the chambers of the soul. It behooves us each and everyone to befriend our soul.

“Now back to magic. I realize that magic is not an easy concept for people to handle outside the domain of fantasy, which is defined as that which is not “quote real.” I beg to differ but won’t go into that now. Walt Disney will have much to say about magic and the imagination when he gets his turn to speak. I will say that some indulging in fantasy through reading or watching movies is healthy. I think it is called escaping. A few fortunate people even manage to make good livings either as fantasy writers, film directors or performers in movies, shows, and songs which are rich in fantastical themes. Everyone should read a fantasy novel on occasion to remind the ego what the soul and inner child already know. Such reading is not escapism, as some would refer to it, but rather delving within and contacting the rich magical domains of the imagination. Many people seek out artificial stimulants because something is missing. That something is the connection to magic, the imagination, and the soul, I might add.

“I find this concept of escaping rather fascinating, and as the child star, singer, actress, dancer, clown and Lord knows what else, did a fair amount of it myself. I later found myself turning to alcohol and various pills in order to escape the hectic stressful life I had to deal with when not performing. For no one can be on stage twenty-four hours a day. I did let Hollywood and the movie industry take advantage of me and they practically took my childhood away from me as well. I had my own reasons for those experiences and now I will even say that I do not regret my life as Judy Garland. Everything is a learning experience. I think the next time around will be somewhat less dramatic for me.

“No longer inhabiting a physical body which far too often restricts the soul, I realize that it was not escape that I sought, but rather a “return” to the domains of soul where magic and dreams abound. People often turn to drugs so as to be able to enter the magical and mythical domains of the imagination even at the risk of being caught and jailed for the possession of illegal drugs. How sad that the skills for accessing the subconscious and the imagination through natural means is not taught in the schools. There is nothing wrong with teaching the basics, the three R’s and all that, but children need also to tap the wealth inherent in the mind, soul, and the imagination. There are many ways in which one can be taught to access the deeper layers of the mind: hypnosis, active imagination exercises, free association, dream work, daydreaming reverie exercises, meditation, story telling/creating and writing, ESP exercises in telepathy and clairvoyance, drumming, singing, dancing, and the list could go on.

“The soul is delighted to reveal more of itself when given the opportunity. Your guides and angels are nearby and always eager and ready to give assistance when you call upon them. It is everyone’s good fate to have their guardian angel or angels help them travel the roads of life successfully. One means of reaching the soul is via music. There will come a time on the planet when people will be able to hear the music of the spheres as well, and be blessed and enriched from the celestial music. Music affects the mind, body and spirit in many ways. Certain combinations of notes, vibrations and chords can be most beneficial to the nervous system, the emotions and they even stimulate atoms, cells and molecules in a healing manner. Hearing the higher vibrations of the music of the spheres will serve to stimulate areas of the brain such as the pineal and pituitary gland which will awaken the psychic centers. It is at this time that telepathy and other extraordinary powers of the mind will be awakened.

“Please be mindful of the music you listen to. Music can have such positive affects but certain dissonant music can also have negative adverse affects. Some music is certainly classic in the sense that it lives on and on and is loved and played over and over. It touches universal chords in the soul of humanity. I like to think that the dreamy wistful song “Somewhere over the rainbow” will take its ranks among the classics and be heard for years to come as well.

“It mattered not that these adults would be among the first to refuse to believe in magic and dreams. It was not to adults that I was singing to. I was singing to the children and child that still dwells in every adult no matter how much they may try to repress or deny it or how old they may be chronologically speaking. I was singing to the child within who did not care what the adult thought, as long as it heard the song over and over or watched the movie over and over again.

“When I see those twinkling eyes, I am reminded that children believe in magic in spite of appearances. They also believe in spirits and are often responsible for the imaginary friends that children quote “create” to ease their loneliness and to amuse themselves. Some children sense intuitively when spirit is nigh and that to be invisible to the physical eyes in no way invalidates them. This comes from their soul memory and awareness that they are indeed spirits too, who recently dwelled in magical realms over the rainbow before they came to the earth to inhabit a physical body for yet another adventure and learning experience. Many of them were imaginary spirit friends to children before they were born into a physical body. When they incarnate into the flesh it takes some time before this soul knowledge is forgotten and blotted out by rational adults who have long ago forgotten their own origins. This is a sad reality on the earth at this time, and one that must change because it is forgotten soul knowledge that accounts for so much of the ennui, lethargy, frustration and boredom that so plague people.

“Parents do their children a grand disservice when they discourage them from speaking with and enjoying the company of their so-called imaginary friends. This should only be discouraged if the spirits and imaginary friends are instilling fear or causing disagreeable behavior in the child. Such seldom happens for most children possess a natural purity and innocence which repels malevolent spirits.

“It is possible to capture some of the magic that one often experiences in dream time when they are having “over the rainbow” adventures. Those with creative, versatile imaginations are more apt. You are blessed to have some very grown up children who are able to share the magic of dreams and the imagination through story telling, writing, and other means.

“The Heavens rejoice when the innocent twinkle of childhood still glows from the eyes of an adult. Humanity is rewarded and blessed when such souls are able to articulate and transfer the magic from the imagination into the world of everyday life at large. . soul does not occupy itself with intellectual analysis and mental speculating, and has no need to. This is a quality of the mind and intellect. The soul operates from a sense of wholeness and connectedness to all life. To compartmentalize life in little blocks is unnatural to the soul. The realms of the unconscious and the imagination are as valid and real to the soul as is the car one drives to the office everyday. The soul does not need to have reality broken down into little pieces to fit into the picture puzzle and to understand life. It knows that it is part and parcel of all the pieces which make up the grand puzzle of life. It’s like looking down on the earth from space. Up there all you see are the oceans, forests, mountains and land. There are no barriers or markers that say this little slot is Europe, that one is Africa, and over there is America. Let me share a little secret with you. A few hundred years down the road-what’s a few hundred years down the road when it comes to eternity-passports will be long extinct. There will be mind checkers at the borders who can read people’s thoughts, and if one has malevolent intentions, they will not be allowed to visit other countries.

“Further down the road, there will come a time when the earth will be one nation with one language spoken by all. That will be a grand time, and is definitely something for us all to look forward to; at least those of us who will choose to have more physical incarnations on the earth. I am by no means finished with my earth experiences, and adventures, and I have many friends up here who share this attachment to the earth. This is another reason we are drawn to maintain contact with the earth until our mentors deem it is time for us to be reborn to a new set of parents in the circumstances which will enable us to learn and grow. Every experience is chosen by the soul; there is no such thing as chance or luck. That is one of the greatest illusions held by many people.

“In the times to come people will be sufficiently evolved that their souls will be their primary guides. Ultimately, the greatest teacher and guide is the soul or “great self” as some call the higher mind. One cannot evolve spiritually until they learn to perceive themselves as they truly are. Self deception is far more rampant than you can imagine. I am ashamed to say that I indulged in self deception far too often. If I had stopped long enough to self reflect and obtain some guidance, I would not have had the difficulties I did with my addictions and my insecurities.

“Self deception is not permitted up here unless one dwells in the lower astral planes. Here you are seen for who and what you are. No one can conceal their true nature here, for we spirits can read the thoughts of others. This is not such a farfetched idea as it may seem. There are people on the earth sufficiently sensitive and intuitive to the point that they can tell if someone is being deceptive. It’s often a gut feeling they have and they may even experience physical sensations when in the presence of someone who is being cunning, manipulative, or deceptive. Some people can tell if someone is lying by looking in their eyes. Mothers often possess this ability and can tell when their children are up to no good and attempting to lie, or if their husband is having an extra marital affair and trying to cover it up. Sometimes such sensitive people will find themselves very uncomfortable around someone without being able to explain why. In most cases their soul is sensing more and trying to communicate with them via intuition to help them avoid what could be an unpleasant situation.

“We can never emphasize the need to develop one’s sensitivity and intuition for we know up here that had we done so, our lives would have been far more fulfilled, happy and complete while we were on the earth. Spirits tend to be far more intuitive and psychic than most people because we don’t have the limitations of the physical body to encumber and veil our soul faculties. When the personality restricts the natural propensities of the soul, often the soul will compensate by creating an active dream life. For dream experiences provide their own pleasure, magic and benefits. To the soul, a dream is consciousness playing with itself because it likes adventures. In dreams it is able to enjoy freedoms of perceptions not utilized in ordinary awakened awareness. It can create scenarios, and situations which do not follow the rules of logic and reason. There is much mystery and much to be learned from your dreams. Some of the greatest lessons and wisdom are couched in your dreams. You have but to decipher the images and impressions and put the puzzle pieces so to speak. There is far more meaning to many dreams than people think.

“In dreams the soul can come to the person’s rescue and provide relief in ways the person can accept. The soul has access to the symbolic domains which come alive in art, myth, music, reveries, daydreams, during moments of creative inspiration and intuitive breakthroughs and flashes. It takes advantage of these domains and flexes its muscles during dreams and more lucid states of reverie or in various states of hypnosis or trance. There have been people who totally disbelieve in reincarnation, but who agreed to be hypnotized. Some of the past life tales some have told are mind boggling and simply amazing. We have all heard of people who had precognitive dreams which came true or received answers to questions that had been haunting them. This has happened to scientists who received a creative breakthrough in a dream which provided the missing link to their research or invention.

“The soul sometimes wishes to have some night time sleep experiences known to the conscious mind, and will do so by having one recall certain vivid dreams, no matter how strange or illogical they seem to be. Or the person may wake up in the wee hours of the morning and find themselves drifting in and out of reverie or dreaming.

“You know much more about the power of thought and telepathy than you might admit or realize. How many times have you thought of someone only to receive a call from them soon thereafter, or written a letter to a friend you’ve not heard from in some time, and when you went to mail it, you found a letter from them in your box? Such occurrences happen for more often than you realize. For some people such an experience may happen only one time or a few in their entire lives, but they usually never forget them. Minds touching across the miles is a most joyous experience.

“When one steps into the chambers of the psyche one is opened to vistas one never dreamed of beholding. Those of us who do not receive enough fulfillments from our mundane ordinary lives like to branch out and explore other ideas and experiences. This does not mean we are incapable of being home bodies on occasion or are unable to enjoy the simple things and pleasures that life offers. I wish I had made more time for lounging around, reading, gardening, and being simple. However, there is definitely a place for exploring the world within, and I regret that I did not do more of this when I was there. I realize that much of what I see, know, and explore on this side of life was available to me on the earth, and my life would have been far more complete and happy had I taken some journeys such as I now do.

“Now I would like to return to the topic of colors which I spoke of earlier. How sad it is when a person becomes so despondent and downtrodden by life’s unfortunate circumstances that they shut out bright colors. Far too many people wear dark, somber blacks, browns, and grays and surround themselves with these dreary colors. Please do not misunderstand me. The darker colors are beautiful and there is a place for them. They can serve as a metaphor and symbol for the rich, vast domains of the subconscious mind that needs to be traveled and explored. The night is the perfect symbol and metaphor for our inner darkness which must be brought to light. The night is full of mystery, magic, and can bring out sides of the personality which often remain hidden and repressed in the daytime. It has a way of awakening and stirring up hidden desires, yearnings, and longings.

“Nature teaches a great lesson about the darkness. The darkness always precedes the dawn. The day is not complete without the night. And the night never tries to steal the daylight. Likewise, making room for your own darkness is to follow your own human nature. I remind you that the morn always comes to greet you. You will not become trapped by the night, nor your own inner darkness if you acknowledge and respect it and grant it its rightful place in your life.

“I do not know why some people think and act like life must always be sunny. Again, nature is one of the best teachers if people but learn from her. I say roam the dark. Touch your own shadows and blackness then welcome the sunshine and the dawn. There is a place for much light colorful celebration. People are so drawn to the sunshine because they instinctively know that the light benefits them. This is why beaches will always be popular as long as the golden bright sun shines down upon them. People are attracted to gold for similar reasons. There is a brightness and glow about it that does much for the soul. It was not a coincidence that medieval alchemists sought to turn base metal into gold. There is such a positive benefit to take in brightness and light that even the word de-light is one that people often use to express positive feelings. Prisoners will often repress their desires to create havoc or express violent tendencies because of a fear of solitary confinement. The soul knows that to go too long without light is detrimental to mind, body, and spirit. The soul or higher self possesses a light body and light helps you to connect with your higher solar or light body.

“Hopefully I have succeeded in showing you how important fantasy and magic are to you. Instead of Merlin the Magician performing spells, or Glinda the Good Witch waving her magic wand, you have Santa Claus riding a sleigh magically transporting toys via magical reindeer the world over all in the span of a single night where time stands still until he completes his annual delivery. Instead of dragons flying about you have a bunny rabbit that hops and brings candy and presents to children at Easter. On Halloween you have ghosts and goblins floating about, and witches taking to the sky on their magic brooms. If you think about it, when you were small weren’t you just a little convinced that Jolly Ole St. Nick was somehow real, and if the men who dressed up as him recall, they also lost themselves for a time and became this twinkling eyed jolly elf of magic and love for children everywhere.

“Be reminded of how much magic and fantasy are a part of your lives. There are many friends to share magic and dreams with. Treasure those friends and fill them with all the love and inspiration you can. I tried to fill people with laughter and inspiration through my music and entertainment. Embrace the invisible! Be inspired from the Unseen! That which we feel deeply in our hearts is very real, and often has more to teach us than those tangible things and people we so often cling to. Don’t just wait for holidays and special occasions to lose yourself in the magic and wonder of color, scents, and lovely sounds, pictures and images.

“String up some bright lights and let that child inside you be moved and filled with awe and wonder, the way it was when you stared at the Christmas lights and lost yourself in wonder so long ago. Read a fantasy story now again and try to imagine what it would feel like and be like if all this magic were really real. This child inside you knows and remembers that magic and dreams can be much more real than adults think.

“The imagination has saved the lives of many sensitive souls who endured difficult, dysfunctional, abusive childhoods. Cultivate your imagination! Delve into your subconscious mind where the archetypes, gods, heroes, goddesses, daemons, and muses live. Talk to them. Read about them in Mythology books and see which ones you can relate to and identify with. Receive company and wisdom from them.

“Do you need help with love? Call on Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of Love. Do you need communication skills? Call on Hermes/Mercury, god of communication and messenger of the gods. Do you need more feeling and passion? Call on Neptune. Do you need to explore your inner underworld? Call on Hades/Pluto and let him guide you. Collect figurines, pictures and art that portray and honor them and capture a bit of their essence. The gods and goddesses and mythological beings are our invisible heroes. Take time to enjoy these works of art in museums. Create your own mini museum at home where you can retreat to from time to time for soul nourishment.

“Let Life nourish you. Go to an amusement park and be filled with glee. Lick an ice cream cone like a kid, not worrying how much drips on you. Kiss a clown. Skip gaily. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers and give them to someone dear or even better, give some to a total stranger. Buy a roll of quarters and drop them here and there so someone’s spirit can be lifted and a smile brought to their face, as they are the recipient of your goodwill. Every time a person feels cheer and smiles, positive vibes pour into the atmosphere and this is good energy that everyone can take in. Moods can literally be breathed into the atmosphere itself. You are far more vulnerable and receptive to the moods of those around you than you can begin to know. Hug a tree. Remember that magic and dreams do have a place in your heart, and should have a place in your home as well. And never forget. “There’s no place like home!”



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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Yes, Beloved Judy was a very old soul. We love her dearly.

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 

      9 years ago from Colorado

      What a beautiful and exciting channeling to read!!! Love this...


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