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Julie Anne Myers- Celtic Designs

Updated on February 15, 2011

Comprehensive look at the History of Celtic Designs .... Kia ora,my name is Julie Anne Hakaraia Myers i am 39yrs old,originally from Porirua born and bred, lived there till i was 21,then moved to Wanganui with my 2 boys Lionel and shay. I lived there for around 10 years had 2 more children then moved on to Tauranga most beautifulest place i have ever lived in so serene,could not imagine living anywhere else at the moment.

What Is Celtic Art

Celtic Designs are an  expressive form of Art. The design consists of intrucate criss crosses of Knot work based on traditional trible affiliations. There are there major Designs based on three Tribes Or Clangs in which these designs originate from ... they are the Irish, Scottish and  Welsh. Most people will choose a certain design based on their ethnic heritage or bloodline.

History Of Celtic Design

The history however comes from a Book known as the Irish Illuminated Manuscripts which is also known as the Book Of Kells. This form of Art work consists of Knot Work, Circles, depictions of animals that are amazingly drawn to produce a wonderful and creative work of Art. It is said that these Desgins signify the continuum of Life, Love, and spirituallity and should only be Tattoed for those who choose to wear this form of art for traditional  purposes.

Page From The Book Of Kells

Book of Kells
Book of Kells

Celtic Cross

You will find that the history of this form of Celtic Art extends as far back as to when the Mighty Roman Empire was the most Dominant nation at the time. Celtic knots appeared in the late third and fourth century AD and can still be seen today in Roman Mosaics which were common at the time. This type of interlaced form of art can also be seen in Coptic art,Islamic art, and Russian Art during Medieval times.Step patterns and Spirals are common features in Celtic Art and can also be seen in christian art as well. Christianity adopted this form art around 450 AD. and can be seen in the scriptures, on book covers, and is commonly seen in Crosses.

Celtic Criss Cross Design
Celtic Criss Cross Design

Celtic Tattoo

You will find that Celtic knots are common  in tattoo designs. And can range in many Art forms that can be customized to represent just about anything. This picture below shows the use of animals in the form of two heads and the use of Celtic Knots and interweaving that is common in Celtic Tattoo Designs.

Celtic Tattoo Design
Celtic Tattoo Design

How To Draw The Ancient Celtic Symbol


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