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June 22, 2013 Perigee Super Moon Poem

Updated on June 25, 2013

Perigee Super Moon Poem

Creativity and Inspiration

Creativity and inspiration come on the spur of the moment. With many notifications from FaceBook friends that sky gazers must mark their calendar and be sure to walk out of the house as night falls to observe this event, it was not my intention to write a poem.

Due to my forgetful nature and super concentration character, I can easily miss one occasion if I am deeply into another project. You know how it is to be on the computer, reading, writing, viewing, and hub hopping.

I happened to get up from the desk to take a break and stretch my legs as I remembered from another FB reminder about the moon. Ah! Opening the front door the sky was black as night. Barely an outline of the individual trees, only on mass a silhouette forming the background for the drama.

My trusty phone/camera in hand, I recorded a short bit of the night sky with fast-moving clouds in front of the moon. Even though I did not see the spectacular enlarged size or the lemon yellow color, the energy of the moon was evident.

From there, we must move quickly to download and share. In the process the black background on the video begged for some typography and the poem emerged. Three short stanzas with four lines each. Can you see the rhythm and repetition?

Perigee Moon Poem

The Super Moon shines bigger and brighter in the sky. Also called the lunar perigee moon when the Earth, moon and sun are all in a line. For a super moon to occur, the moon must be in its nearest approach to Earth as it traces its elliptical path around our planet. Skywatchers want to go outside to view one of the biggest celestial events of the year.

Perigee Moon Poem

Super superior
Moon glows
grows and shines
behind the clouds

Super wonderful
Moon shows
above black tree
tops the sky

Super eminence
Moon arose
in dark night
watching the light

  • copyright Debby Bruck June 23, 2013


The Planets, Moon and Stars

I feel humans are naturally drawn to look up to the heavens. During the day we drink in the blue skies and the sun's warmth. At night, we meditate in the planets, moon and stars heavenly bodies. We hear the owl hooting and the streaming click of crickets. A few phenomena have coincided, since this year the crickets exploded into a loud roar along the eastern United States.

Time to reconnect to nature and take a step away from technology. Time to breath and rejuvenate. No better time than the present to be present when time stands still. Realize you are part of the movement of all the planets and you must play your small part to make the clock tick. Remember you are important and can reflect the light of the moon.


Messages in the Sky

Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hubpages Reconnect

I've visited hubpages from time to time over the past year. My intensive obsession with producing articles has waned with the moon cycles. Sure, I've checked in at least each month or bi-weekly, but have not contributed to the literature. Thus, I must say a number of improvements have been instituted when you begin a new hub. Basically, you are guided step-be-step along the way, with guidelines, warning, suggestions and fill-in-the-blank type of template to get started. It's quite nice and makes for a smooth experience as an author. Maybe I will try my hand at writing more often once again.


Are You A Sky Gazer?

Did you go out to view the Perigee Moon?

See results

Moon Effects

Both the apogee moon when the distance is furthest from the earth and the perigee moon have an effect on our tides and on living organisms, including humans.

  • When the moon is at apogee, the furthest distance from the Earth, it has less gravitational pull which, along with other factors that influence the tides, can contribute to lower tides or lower variation in the high/low tide level. if you live along the coast and have a chance to walk along the beach, it would be a wonderful time to meditate and commune with nature.

  • When the moon is at perigee, closer to the Earth, there is much more gravitational pull which contributes to the opposite effect: higher tides or greater variation in the high and low tide. Creating a ritual to celebrate these special days will increase the meaning and make the day more memorable. Light candles, walk into the water, light sparklers, sing songs, play drums or other enjoyable activities.

  • YouTube | If you can't get outside or live in an area where there is total cloud cover, a live stream of the event can be viewed online

  • Homeopathy and The Pull of the Moon | Notations of moon effects on human activity, emotions, functions, energy and performance may be searched in the materia medica and the repertory for associated remedies.

News from Super Moon 2012

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    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 4 years ago

      Many thanks, Mary. Did you try to view the moon? I even went out after the special days and the moon appeared bright and full.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York

      Your creative act turned out to be not only nicely done but interesting and educational.

      Loved the poem, reminding us how the moon lights the night. The video was a great compliment to your hub.

      Voted up, beautiful, and interesting.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 4 years ago

      Hello Vinaya - I suppose any natural signs can be interpreted for positive or negative. It all depends on your perspective. Think GOOD. Thanks also for compliments about the poem and video. It surprised me to put it together. I did not plan it in advance. A creative act.

      Hello BlissfulWriter - Many thanks for visiting this Hub. Now I will think about that earthquake and maybe look at the statistics. Thanks so much, Debby

    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 4 years ago

      Supermoon is a great time to look at the moon -- soooo big. By the way, the legend that supermoons might cause earthquakes is just a myth. So no worries.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Nepal


      Alternative medicine like Ayurveda believes that planets and planetary position have good and bad effects on human beings. Since young age I have been interested in Hindu astrology.

      Your poem is nice, your video is good and information and analysis you provide on this hub is interesting.