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Jury Duty Stinks

Updated on December 7, 2011

Jury Duty Stinks

So far I have been harrassed four times for jury duty and each time I made sure my doctor wrote me a note to get out of it. If I was getting a hefty salary for sitting in a jury pool room with a bunch of annoyed and impatient strangers all day long and then get a hefty salary for being picked to serve, trust me I would quit my job in a heartbeat. How do these people get off disrupting my life so that they can make me decide the fate of someone else's life? They act as if no one has bills to pay and food to put on their table; they will call you anytime they wish. This country is in a bind when it comes to the economy and jobs; if you want to create jobs make sitting on a jury an occupational choice and pay people a good salary for doing it, rotate them around if you must, but leave other people alone; God knows they have enough on their plates already paying high taxes on the houses that they have to work like dogs to keep. They lose hours at work for a month while serving on a jury. My poor dad and his wife have plans to go away on a cruise for a week and they are leaving December 10. However, now my dad gets a jury duty letter in the mail today and he just gave these jerks a doctors note a couple of months ago. Okay, it burns me up that no one has full control over their own lives, that these criminals that are the defendents causes all of this mess for the victims lives, their lives and mine. I have to put my life on hold to decide whether or not they should be behind bars. There are bored housewives who doesn't mind a little excitement in there lives, there are bored elderly people who go around volunteering at hospitals and missions, there are out of work people who may not mind sitting on a jury. Bother those people, instead. People should be able to have a choice to choose whether or not they serve jury at any given time in their lives. My freedom shouldn't be limited in a country where I am supposed to be free. If I offend those who love jury duty, attorneys, judges, senators or anyone else who don't think jury duty is a big problem, too bad. Those of us who wants to deal with our own problems, work and put food on the table, pay our taxes, deal with sickeness or family problems are the ones who desires to be left alone. Perhaps I am disgruntled or ranting for nothing, but I'm sure others may feel the same way I do. Down with Jury duties, I've had it. Show me the money when I serve. In my city, they offer you enough money to buy a sandwich and not enough for gas or to take a taxi to the court house nor enough to get home from it. Where I live if you bring a car, you're stuck feeding a meter or parking in a pay to park place. Again I say show me the money. And not everyone has transportation, not everyone is fit to walk to a bus stop in the heat of the summer or in the freezing rain, sleet or snow in the winter time. Those big time attorneys and judges drive to work in their cadillacs and BMW's and most have reserved parking. Where is the fairness, I'll tell you where it is, they don't give a damn about the general public. We are slaves and they are the leeches and slave masters. Now I know that justice has to prevail and what has to be done has to be done. Needless to say, when it comes to interfering in my life without getting my permission, I think it isn't fair. I don't know the person who has committed a crime, perhaps he may have done it, or perhaps he hasn't. I wasn't there when he did the crime nor was the other jurors and with all of the facts I hear and the rest of the jurors hear; we still can get it all wrong and send an innocent man to jail and free one of the countries most notorious serial killers. We can come to this decision because we might be sick and tired of missing our families and jobs. I also believe that if someone is caught red handed the book should be thrown at them and they should be thrown in jail without wasting tax payers monies by having a trial. Anyway, this is just my personal rants about jury duty. It isn't meant to put anyone or their beliefs down. I don't fully understand the justice system because I never studied law, but one thing I do know, I will get another doctors note the next time they call me in for jury duty or I'll skip town for a few years.


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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 4 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Yes the general public have lives to live. I personally think there should be a decent pay for jurors and that they should have a choice in whether or not they want to serve.

    • frozenink profile image

      frozenink 4 years ago

      I would say a very practical and honest sharing/hub. It seems that the criminal justice system is too concerned with providing 'justice' to the accused and victim that it forgot about the general public - people like you and me.

    • profile image

      EndJuryDuty.Org 5 years ago

      Right on, Leslie!!! I especially love the part about the judges riding to court in their caddies while the poor jurors stand in the rain waiting to catch a bus. Priceless . . . and so true! Our court officials truly are, as you say, "leeches and slave masters"!!!!


    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 5 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Luckily, I didn't serve but I was called, because I always got a doctor to write a note for me to get me out because of my asthma and how I can't breath and panic under great stress and jury duty is great stress for me.

      Thank you for liking my hub.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Affinity2010,

      I have had to serve jury duty twice in one month and then never again. I was actually clever enough to know how not to get picked. When my Mom was alive she stopped voting so she wouldn't get called for jury duty but the legal system caught on and they started calling people by driver's liscense.

      I gave her my fail safe line but she wouldn't use it. She was sequestered. And she was terribly angry she had to serve. She is gone now and I remember having to answer her questions while she was sequestered. If only she had used my fail safe line...

      Great hub.