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Just About Science

Updated on April 12, 2015

Fun Science!


Learning just about science can be a lot of fun. Science, which is the systematic study of the general laws of the universe, is an essential component of a good education. Learning about science not only will help you to succeed in school, but it will also help you to better understand the world around you.

DNA Extraction Science Fair Winner

Science Fair Projects

Science fair projects are usually the first chance that students have to really explore the field of science. These projects give students the opportunity to select an area of science to examine, experiment with and to contribute to. Science fair projects follow the steps involved in the scientific method and include activities like observations, background research, hypothesis development, experimentation, data collection, data analysis and discussion of the findings. Students can earn college money with their science fair projects by entering science fairs and science competitions.

Learning About Science

Science is what is known as a progressive subject. This means that students begin their science education with the most basic concepts. These concepts need to be mastered before a student can move on to more complex concepts. This is because the complex concepts are based on the operations of the basic concepts. The progressive nature of science means that if you are having a hard time with this year’s science concepts that it is a good idea to work with a tutor or to spend extra time to master the concepts, so that you will not be behind next year when you start your new science course.

Science Topics

The field of science is broken down into areas of interest. The first division of science subjects is based on major classifications of what is studied. For example, there are physical sciences, biological sciences and chemical sciences. Physical sciences can further be broken down into sub-categories such as physics, earth science, geology and oceanography. Biological sciences can also be further broken down into sub-categories such as zoology, mammalology, ichthyology and marine biology. Chemical sciences include sub-categories such as chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry and astrochemistry.

Science Degree Programs

After high school students that are interested in pursuing a career in science have a lot of degree programs at their disposal. If the student does not know what type of biology job that they want when they graduate then a general bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry or physics will be a good place to start. If they are interested in a career in medicine then biology or chemistry are the better options. Students interested in careers that deal with animals can select degree programs in biology or zoology.

After earning an undergraduate degree in a science field students will have a better idea about what they want in a career. This will help them to select a graduate level degree program that will help them get the type of science job that they are interested in. The graduate level degree programs in science are going to be more specific in what they study. Therefore, students will need to know what type of science interests them the most, i.e. microbiology, botany, paleobotany, marine biology, zoology, embryology, etc.

Science Careers

Science careers are available in every industry. Scientists are needed to develop chemicals, to make food production safer and more efficient and to monitor the health of ecosystems. When selecting a science career you will have a lot of options. If you are interested in biology then you can select a career in the medical industry, a career at a zoo, a career on a research vessel in the Pacific Ocean or you can even work on a farm. If you are interested in chemistry then you can select a career with the U.S. federal government, you can work for a fuel company or you can select a career that deals with the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.


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