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Justification: An Esoteric Psychological Matter of Releasing Self-Condemnation MODE of Cosmic Therapy

Updated on March 17, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Unconscious Stirrings
Unconscious Stirrings | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Addressing the Deceptive Stories We Tell Ourselves

Justification negates a warranted plea of ‘sanity’ in the 11th degree. Why eleven? Because anytime we are trying to justify a matter, the deliberated unresolved matter is held up in higher court.

Eleven is the number of cosmically ordained court. A court that is not of this plane or dimension, (celestial) which, in actuality, holds the only keys for resolution but will not be released, no matter how the insistent demand or vehement denial takes precedence. We are never in a position to justify ourselves or our actions. It is a clear sign of unconscious stirrings.

In the first place, no situation, event, circumstance, episode or affair has need of our counterfeit attempts to ‘put us in a better light’. We may make an honorary stand on our behalf, bringing in files of secured witnesses bearing the ‘good character’ folders, but to no avail. What will be, will be and already is.

When we are not in the act of blaming others, blaming the world, blaming our childhood, then we immediately shift the blame onto ourselves as if that were to make a difference either way.

No blame to be had. It is as it is and can be no other way other than what it is. No one is responsible for the way things are. A much more incalculable impenetrable force operates behind the scenes that you nor I have no bearing on whatsoever.

That unmistakable irascible force is totally impersonal and unmoved by our emotionally demonstrated tactics to defend ourselves. Though, we ultimately want to use all of our ‘rational good sense’ tools to validate/rectify the situation; nothing is affected.

We so want to prove to the others that we are not at fault nor are we in the wrong, but, instead, we end up appearing foolish or spiteful. We want somebody else to be set apart and reprimanded for having accused us in the first place, upsetting our finely decorated regimented display of ‘having it all together.’

We are none THAT put together if by having our prized illusions disturbed, we crumble. Justification sets the stage for our bronze fringed tasseled curtains to be pulled back to reveal the underlying illusive play to be revealed in full panoramic view.

The more we try to justify, defend, excuse, and explain our actions, the more our character actors fall out of orchestrated rhythm, flub their lines and miss their cues.

We end up getting so distracted by the incessant luring drama of protecting our ‘good name’ we lose our footing in the richly enamored details of our self-illuminated stories. We become bigger than the deceptively convincing life we are currently living.


MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Tangled Web of Infiltrated Lies
Tangled Web of Infiltrated Lies | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Esoteric Psychology

While we are caught up in process of untangling ourselves from the mangled web of discredit, it is so easy to get lost in the fascinating highly embossed details of our life’s imagined story we portray inconsistently. “But, it’s our lie, we’ll tell it like we want to.”

The comprehensive esoteric understanding will not come before the complicated events that seem to need justifying have been openly displayed. (perhaps, not even then) However, we will not be barred from our own evolution simply because we resist the cajolingly opposite expected means.

The point to life is to enjoy our existence in spite of and because we try to obscure our walk by thinking ourselves to be worthy or worthless. Neither one is correct! The working out of the variances between the two extremes causes us to cross many bridges of ill descent. For it is in the abyss, gutter, and pit of despair that we find some of our most illuminating vortexes.

Hail be to those times we can’t possibly explain, defend or excuse. Justification becomes a poor excuse to hide from the vexation beneath the surface. The unconscious need to return home to our first love: ourselves.

In trying to validate the goodness of ourselves, we lose our way home. Unlike Hansel and Gretel, who had crumbs scattered as a clear guide, we dispose of the markers as soon as we start trying to sing the praises of ourselves. In effect, through the need to justify our actions, we are inadvertently facing feelings of self-rage which have not been addressed.

In as much as we create this repressed anger saturated emotion by irrational demanding that people act the way we want and expect them to, we fall short of the disseminating vision shown. By disputing and eliminating these unattainable goals projected onto others, we will fulfill a vitally needed trait within ourselves: unidentified detachment.

By dismissing the habitual need to justify our actions, we release the torridly slimy barnacles of self-condemnation. These silent corrosive self-defeating attitudes which support our misguided assumptions will have to be questioned and reworked. Justification serves as a flagging reminder we have moved away from our center.

No one on the outside can reset the switch. If we trail off in the direction of ‘justification’s unsightly call’, who will tend the helm of the ship which has veered off course? Do we need a siren to guide us into and out of the deep icy waters?

The sound of the siren evokes in us an alerted signal of unconscious distress. Not the distress of outward events but of our ruthless soul’s investigative searching of new territorial experience. Listen intently to the "still small voice” that reigns with sovereign power from within.

It’s impossible to hear the adamant words “everything’s exactly as it supposed to be for reasons we can’t see” IF we are shouting, manipulating, whining, contorting and contriving outer situations in a proposed manner to cause them to turn out a certain favored way.

“Forget about it”, be (appear) wrong on the outside a 1,000,000,000,000,000 times. It’s the only truly justifiable thing that can be done, ever.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Self-Reflection The Art of Stillness
Self-Reflection The Art of Stillness | Source


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago


      Indeed this is a habitual pattern of thinking and doing...justifying ourselves...

      We are fine need to justify to be or not...

      I love it.