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K2: Savage Mountain

Updated on May 4, 2013
K2 image. It seems very big and extremely tall, well it is the 2nd highest mountain in the world.
K2 image. It seems very big and extremely tall, well it is the 2nd highest mountain in the world.
It is over 28 thousand feet tall and has many tons of snow covering it.
It is over 28 thousand feet tall and has many tons of snow covering it.

K2: The Savage Mountain

K2 is the worlds second highest mountain next to the Himalayan Mount Everest.

It is located at the border of what is now Pakistan. K2 is known as, "the Savage Mountain" for it's extremely rough terrain and harsh winter blizzards.

It is believed that almost every year someone dies in hope of climbing to the top of the mountain.

Certain factors contribute to the weather near the peak. One of which is the sheer height of the mountain.

You see K2 is a extremely high elevated mountain and due to that fact the peak is cold and has no lush, greenery or vegetation of any sort.

Climbing K2 during the winter season is nearly impossible because of the freezing temperatures and harsh weather.

Climbing K2 is not only hard, but it is also extremely dangerous for a average climber.

Climbing K2

With over 28 thousand feet in length and over multiple tons of snow climbing K2 is no easy task. Achille Compagnoni was the first person to successfully climb to the top of Mt. K2 and come back down without any injuries or complications. It is to be acknowledged that this mountain is no fun trip or any other means of fun vacation travel so I wouldn't ever consider climbing it. Of course, I doubt anybody would want to waste their time climbing a huge dangerous mountain.

Triumph & Tragedy

K2 has had a triumph and tragedy name put on it's head. It is said that for every group who has reached the top at least one person from that group has died. It has the highest fatality rate of any other mountain (not a good place to go snowboarding or skiing either). In 1978 James Whittaker was the first American to successfully ascend to the top of the mountain. One of the hardest task while trying to climb up the mountain is the snow. The snow is a very extreme and crucial antagonist for the journey to the top of mount K2. Hundreds of tons of snow cover the slope as well as the peak making a rather simple journey extremely difficult.

K2 Image

Wonders Of K2

As it may seem that K2 is a dangerous and violent mountain it is not all true. Of course the mountain has it's fair share of deaths and fatalities, but the region near the mountain is not the same. During the summer months of June, July, August, and some of September the terrain around mount K2 becomes green and lush.

The cold white snow melts as it reveals green grass and pine trees all around the Karakoram Region (the name of the region where K2 is located). It is truly a great wonder to see in the summer and has some of the worlds freshest air, and is pollen free. There is much wildlife available around the area as well, because of the resources and food that is now available. I believe there are some guides that take you here, but I am not sure that's something you might want to check if you are interested.


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