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Updated on March 4, 2016
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

How about if the kid gets bored?

There are 26 letters of the alphabet and 26 weeks to teach them.

Young kids easily get bored because of their very short span of interest especially when it comes to lessons in school.

If you give them too many activities at a time, the kids will get tired and complain. If you give them very minimal activities, they get bored and find other things to do.

It is always wise to make adjustments and redefine the classroom setting to make the learning atmosphere conducive to little kids.

So, it's time to make your lessons fun, not so tiresome and boring and you will find out that the kids will love going to school and they will be excited to learn the next lesson.

Teaching young kids is not a walk in the park. You have to always think of new ideas to make teaching fun for the little kids.

Being the teacher, you have to be constructive, creative, resourceful, innovative and smart in order to be effective.

Keep reading my articles on how to teach the letters of the alphabet. We are now on the 9th week and the next letter on the row is letter Ss. The shape of Ss is what makes it interesting because it resembles the snake crawling and the sound is more interesting because it sounds like the snake hissing. This is a very interesting lesson for the kids and it’s up to you to make it more interesting.

Repeat action is always important when teaching the little kids. Review lessons should always be part of the day’s activities.

Steps to start the day with the little kids:

  1. Sing the alphabet.
  2. Ask the kids to point to the letter you dictate.
  3. Review the past lessons.
  4. Say the sound of each letter with the action.

Fun Activities for Teaching Letter Ss

Show the flash card of Ss to the kids and say, “Today children, we have a new letter. And our new letter is letter Ss. This is how letter S looks like. S looks like the snake crawling to hide under the grass.”

Continue and say, “What letter is this, children?” Allow each child to say the letter.

Now, you can introduce the sound of Ss.

Put your palms together and move it like the snake crawling while saying: “The sound of S is sssshhhh.” Many kids love the sound of S and many of them easily remember the letter and its sound. Like letter O, S is one of the letters that children can easily memorize.

Continue saying…”Let’s look at things that begin with S.”

Here are some things that begin with S:

  • sun
  • sand
  • set
  • six
  • seven
  • sick
  • silver
  • sum
  • suds
  • sit
  • star
  • shoulder
  • sip
  • saddle
  • slippers
  • shoes

When you have introduced S, let the young kids trace the letter. For older kids, they can write the big and small letter Ss.

The Syllables

Let the kids read the syllables:

  • ma me mi mo mu
  • fa fe fi fo fu
  • ga ge gi go gu

After the kids are done reading the past syllables, you can now introduce the s syllables, sa, se, si, so, su. Explain to the children how reading syllables is done so that they will know how to combine letters to read.

Here are more fun activities for syllables:

Let the kids copy the syllables. Guide the children because most of them will not be able to copy the syllables correctly. The usual problem when copying is putting the letters in the line. What usually happens is that the kids will be writing the letters anywhere. Even with the sample sheet on the board, the kids will have a hard time copying correctly so your assistance is needed.

Give more activities to the kids to enhance further learning. Provide a worksheet that will keep the kids busy while learning their lessons. This is a guided activity with a sample worksheet on the board for the kids to follow.

What usually happens is that the kids will be writing the letters anywhere. Even with the sample sheet on the board, the kids will have a hard time copying correctly so your assistance is needed.


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