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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS: Fun Activities and Exercises for Letter Hh

Updated on March 11, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

The Letter Hh

My friend who teaches in a preschool asked me one time, “What’s the sound of H? Is it ha ha ha?”

I told her, “Run for 30 minutes then come back to me and try to talk. Then you will know the sound of H.”

She laughed. “No kidding. I really am not sure how H sounds.”

I said, “Let me run first then you listen to me when I come back.” So I ran around at least five times then stopped beside her and panted so loud.”

She smiled and slapped me lightly at my back. “Now, I know what you mean.”

I know you are surprised why I started with an anecdote. It pays sometimes to change style when writing to avoid boredom. I’m sure many of you have read my first 19 articles. This is the 20th article I wrote since I joined Hubpages and I thought I have to give you a break and do something different.

Be careful when teaching letter H because some children mistake it for A. Let the kids know that A has two slanting lines and a straight line in the middle while H has two vertical lines and a straight line in the middle. If the kids are writing H, remind them that the two lines should be vertical and not slanting.

H is for happy

Here are words that begin with Hh:

  • ham
  • happy
  • hammock
  • hag
  • handle
  • hanger
  • hammer
  • hand
  • heaven
  • hen
  • hem
  • hill
  • hip
  • house
  • hot
  • hop
  • hug
  • hum
  • hut
  • husk
  • hump
  • hunt

More Activities for the kids

Hunting for Hh

This activity will help the kids recognize Hh better. The kids will also enjoy the activity because they are all going to hunt for letter Hh.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Use flash cards to write letter Hh then scatter them around the classroom with other letters.
  2. Tell the kids to pick up only letter Hh and put them in the box you provide.
  3. When the activity is done let the kids sit down.
  4. Get the box where the kids dropped their letter Hh.
  5. Check the letters if they are all letter Hh.
  6. If they are, then praise everybody for a job well done.
  7. If there are other letters that are mixed, tell the kids that they are still very good but you have to tell them to do better next time.
  8. Get the letters that are not Hh and let the kids identify them so that they will learn that they are not Hh.

Activities for Younger Kids:

  1. Coloring pictures that begin with H
  2. Tracing H
  3. Matching H to pictures
  4. Matching beginning letters to pictures
  5. Matching pictures to beginning letters
  6. Coloring the picture that goes with the given letter
  7. Encircling the correct beginning letter of the picture

Activities for Older kids:

  1. Coloring pictures that begin with Hh
  2. Writing Hh in the blank
  3. Matching letters and pictures
  4. Dictation
  5. Syllables

The Syllables

Reading Syllables:

Let the kids read the syllables. Group reading and individualized reading is necessary to improve and develop good reading skills.

  • ma me mi mo mu
  • fa fe fi fo fu
  • ga ge gi go gu
  • sa se si so su
  • ta the ti to tu
  • da de di do du
  • pa pe pi po pu
  • ba be bi bo bu
  • wa we wi wo wu
  • na ne ni no nu
  • ra re ri ro ru

Introduce ha he hi ho hu then let the kids read the syllables. Write the syllables on the blackboard and let the children copy before giving other exercises. Copying is necessary for reading enhancement.

Some activities that can enhance reading skills:

1. Match the syllables that are the same

2. Write the beginning syllable

3. Identifying the beginning syllable of the pictures

4. Coloring the picture that begins with the given syllable

5. Dictation of syllables


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