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KINDERGARTEN TUTORIAL LESSONS: Fun Activities and Exercises for Letter Vv

Updated on March 11, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

V is for van

The Letter Vv:

The next letter that I am going to discuss is letter Vv. This letter is often mistaken by kids as Bb. Try to emphasize on the sound and show the kids that when you pronounce V, the upper teeth should be pressed on the lower lip. Then demonstrate how to pronounce also Bb so that the kids can see the difference. When you demonstrate how both letters are pronounced, the children will see the difference and they will not be confused. More practice is needed to train the kids to pronounce the letters properly and not get mixed up.

Unlike the other letters of the alphabet where you can show several real objects to the children; you can only show a few objects that begin with letter V but you can use pictures instead. You can use names or other words that begin with letter Vv too.

Here are some words that begin with Vv.

  • vacuum cleaner
  • vat
  • van
  • vacation
  • vacate
  • volume
  • vegetables
  • vest
  • veterinarian
  • vessel
  • valley
  • vine
  • vineyard
  • vault
  • volt
  • vulture
  • vinegar
  • vial
  • video
  • volcano

More Activities for Teaching Letter Vv:

Don’t forget to review all the past lessons. You have gone this far and I’m sure the children can now recite or sing the Alphabet very well on their own. Added to that I’m pretty sure the kids already memorized most of the letters of the alphabet. By this time the children know also a lot of objects that belong to each letter.

Just like this:

  • A is for apple
  • B is for bag
  • T is for top
  • K is for kite

So, this is the perfect time when you can test how far you have travelled with the kids in the alphabet world.

This is a game and this is what you will do.

  • Put 6 boxes in front of the classroom with letters.

  • Put all the objects that begin with these letters in a big box at the back of the classroom.
  • Tell the children to go to the big box and pick an object then drop it in the box labeled with the beginning of the object. That is if the child picked an apple; she will drop it in the box labeled A and so on.
  • After the game, tell the children to help you put back the objects in the jars or boxes where they belong.
  • If the children did very good; give each of them a star.

Story Time

Show the picture of vegetables to the children and discuss the topic before telling the story to enhance the children's interest about vegetables and let them be aware that you are talking about vegetables which begins with V.

Ask them, "Who among you likes to eat vegetables?"

My observation tells me that most young children do not like to eat vegetables especially the green leafy vegetables like cabbage and lettuce.

Inspire the kids and tell them that vegetables are good for the health. Tell them that they will become strong and healthy if they eat vegetables.

Now, you can introduce the next activity which is story time.

Say, "Today children, I am going to tell you a nice story about a girl named Vicky. Vicky does not like vegetables. Vicky is a girl's name that begins with V. Vicky has a twin brother named Victor. Victor also begins with letter V. Let's now find out what will happen in the story."

More Activities:

Give other activities to the ids for enhancement:

  1. Tracing for younger kids
  2. Coloring
  3. Writing the letter for older kids
  4. Matching
  5. Project time
  6. Singing
  7. Reciting rhymes and poems


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